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Students and staff pose for a photo at an outdoor event.
A student dances with an audience member at the 2018 Soul Food and Culture event.
A group of students at the Tye Die event.

Global Leaders Unite (GLU)
‚ÄúThink Globally, Act Locally‚ÄĚ

GLU is an academic year long endeavor where students will build community, develop intercultural competencies, and understand their role as a global citizen. Participants are required to attend unique, culturally engaging events that promote local action and global impact while preparing students to study abroad.

This program is in partnership with the Education Abroad Center.

Students in GLU will:

  • Explore global citizenship through conversations and civic engagement,
  • Develop intercultural communication skills
  • Earn a chance to win one of two $2500 study abroad scholarships
  • Apply for Passport

The Empowerment Network

The EKU’s Empowerment Network provides opportunities for historically underrepresented students (Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Bi/Multiracial, etc.) to unite and share experiences through monthly empowerment sessions.

Students in the Empowerment Network will:

  • Meet once a month on Wednesday at 5:30pm in CIEGE (Powell 013)
  • Network and socialize with students to build community
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Peer to peer mentorship
  • Engage with your peers, faculty and staff from different backgrounds
  • Take culturally relevant trips

Queer and Trans Connections
“QT Connections”

QT Connections is a monthly program where students come together to build a sense of belonging for gender and sexuality expansive students at EKU through events like art nights, movie screenings, community engagement, cabaret nights, day and overnight trips, conferences, and more!

Academy Scholars
“The A-Team”

The Academy Scholars program is an immersive experience for first and second year historically underrepresented students in higher education to develop the knowledge, skills, and support they need to thrive at EKU and beyond. Students who participate in the additional component, the Academy Scholars Living Learning Community (LLC), receive increased support and exclusive opportunities that contribute to student success.

General Program Requirements:

  • Must be a first or second year EKU student
  • Must attend 50% of Academy Scholars programming to be eligible for any potential A-Team awards, recognitions, and/or scholarships

Supplemental Requirements for Academy Scholars LLC members:

  • Must attend 50% monthly housing LLC events
  • Must attend 30-minute check-in meeting with Academy Scholars program advisor, Miles Feroli once per semester
  • Live in Palmer Hall

Students who participate in the Academy Scholars Program will:

  • Develop and enhance essential hard and soft academic, personal, and professional skills such as time management, classroom and study habits, confidence, financial literacy, and health and wellness frameworks
  • Build a network of EKU faculty, staff, student leaders, and alumni who will provide on-going support at EKU and beyond through participating in related programs and events

Student Organizations

Student organizations are a great way to connect with other students, develop leadership skills, and impact our campus community. The CIEGE is home to the Intercultural Student Leadership Coalition (ISLC), a council of student organization leaders representing The Black Student Union, QT Connections, the Latino Student Association, The Asian American Association, NPHC and MGC Organizations, and more! Learn more or join these organizations on the Engage app.


521 Lancaster Avenue
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Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: 859-622-6775