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Counseling Center 5 A Meditation for Peace

A Meditation for Peace

a person meditating at the oceanIt can seem as though local, national and international events are occurring faster than we can comprehend. 

We might see ourselves, our friends, and/or families reflected in this and other events. We might feel overwhelmed, helpless, or even numb. These are all normal reactions to the most unexpected and/or abnormal of events. We might find ourselves saying, “Enough. I can’t watch anymore,” and simultaneously saying, “I can’t turn it off (or log out).” We might feel guilty for wanting to take a break from the coverage and commentary in the news and on social media, knowing that those who are “in it” cannot take a break from their newly defined reality. 

Please know that it is okay, and even healthy, to take a hiatus from the news coverage and from social media. It is okay to seek out the good, the calm, and the restorative. It is okay to take care of ourselves. Taking care of ourselves doesn’t mean that we have forgotten; it simply means that we are recharging, regrouping, and repairing for the journeys that remain. We are preparing to move through and to move forward- to instill hope and work toward peace.

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