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B.S. in Management Information Systems

The Management Information systems program is specifically designed for students who wish to work in business IT departments, focusing on the business application of computer technology. It specifically does not require advanced mathematics courses, such as calculus and is not heavily focused on computer programming. The program is designed to be combined with a business minor, but students may also choose to minor in another complimentary area such as Cyber Security and Intelligence, Informatics, or Computer Electronics Technology in order to personalize the program.

Who Would be Interested in Management Information Systems?

Individuals who are passionate about technology and managing computer-related activities in business and industry. Students that would be interested in an MIS career include those who:

  • enjoy working with computers, software, hardware, analyzing data, identifying patterns, and finding solutions to a wide variety of problems.
  • using technology to improve processes, increase productivity and reduce operating costs.
  • enjoy working as a team in a collaborative environment.
  • enjoy evolving technology and finding ways to use it to improve business operations.

Why Management Information Systems?

As businesses and industries continue to move to digital platforms, the need for management information systems managers will continue to increase. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment for management information systems managers is projected to grow 16 percent from 2021 to 2031 which is much faster than the average for all occupations. Approximately 48,500 job openings for computer and management information systems managers are projected each year over the decade.

A degree in Management Information Systems provides the graduate with the versatility to pursue a wide range of career opportunities from database management to cybersecurity in technical and business-related industries.

Degree Benefits

  • High demand for professionals to support businesses and organizations’ increasing technology needs.
  • Competitive salaries because of the high demand for MIS professionals.
  • MIS offers courses in both business analytics and security systems.
  • MIS students build a foundation that prepares students to pursue a business/technology career with an understanding of how business objectives drive work with information systems toward achieving business goals.

Internships and Co-op Opportunities

  • Students are encouraged to participate in internships/co-op opportunities to have “on the job” training in the MIS field.
  • The former CIS concentration had a large number of organizations that provided internship/co-op opportunities for students.
  • MIS majors will gain leading-edge tools and techniques when participating in an internship/co-op.

MIS offers a long-term career with great pay.

  • shows the median salary of a Management Information Systems manager of $81,794 per year. Salary will vary based on years of experience.
  • reports a median salary of approximately $70,000 with the low at $42,500 and a high of $114,386. Salary is dependent on location and level of experience.
  • report a median salary of approximately $81,267 with the low of $50,000 and a high of $130,000. Again, salary is dependent on location and level of experience. In Kentucky, the average is approximately $72,000.
  • Read more: MIS/CIS Jobs & Average Salaries | Career Trends  

What Are the Requirements to be Admitted to the Program?

  • Students may select Management Information Systems upon applying to the university.
  • Additionally, in order to avoid additional coursework in math, students should have a minimum of 22 on the Math subsection of the ACT exam.

Where Are Recent Graduates Employed?

Graduates of the former Computer Information Systems (now MIS) program are employed at (among others):

  • Associate Network Consulting Engineer, CISCO Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
  • Information Technology Associate, Bechtel Parsons
  • Network Test Engineer, Lexmark

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