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A student fills outs a form on EKU's campus.

The Fall 2024 Dual Credit application is open!

KY State Requirements

  • Be enrolled in a participating secondary school. Colleges may also provide dual credit to eligible students in private secondary schools and home school settings.
  • Meet the college’s dual credit requirements for admission.
  • Be admitted to the participating college as a dual credit student.
  • Meet the requirements for placement into college credit-bearing courses or courses in programs of study that align with a career pathway.

EKU Requirements

  • Complete an application for admissions.
  • The student must have an unweighted GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • Be a Junior or Senior in high school.
  • Placement exams like the ACT or SAT are not required for admissions but may be required for certain Math and Science courses.
  • Complete the Dual Credit Orientation after acceptance.
  • Enroll in one or more Dual Credit courses.

Students are only required to complete an application once for the Dual Credit program.


Homeschooled Students

If you are a Kentucky homeschooled high school student, you may enroll in dual credit courses if you meet the Dual Credit admissions requirements and submit a transcript showing your current grade level.

If you would like to receive more information on EKU Dual Credit, connect with us here!

Dual Credit

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442 Whitlock Building
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Phone: 859-622-1565

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