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How do I participate in the Dual Credit program at EKU?

In order to participate in EKU Dual Credit, students should apply online. Students will also need to submit a high school transcript with a minimum unweighted grade point average. In addition, students must meet class prerequisites. For additional information, please visit the EKU Testing Website.

Students are encouraged to request their transcript via Parchment during the application process.


When will I receive my EKU ID Number?

Once you are admitted to EKU, you will receive an email from Admissions  stating that you have been accepted. A few days after you are admitted, you will receive another email that will have your student ID number (EKU does not use social security numbers) and information on how to access your MyEKU account and EKU email. Please keep your student ID number with you on campus.

What happens if I forget my EKU Student ID Number?

You can always refer back to the emails you first received, or reach out to the dual credit office so that we may resend them.

What is MyEKU?

You MyEKU account is your connection to campus services. These services include registering for classes, checking your midterm and final grades, and much more.

How do I set up myEKU, activate my EKU email, and register for classes?

You will activate your MyEKU and student email with emails you will receive a day or two after being admitted to the university. You will receive your EKU ID number, your email address and your temporary password for EKU email account access. Please keep this information confidential and easily accessible. After you successfully log in, you will secure your account with two-factor authentication.

Online Registration for EKU Students

Help with online registration is available at the Office of the Registrar, SSB 239, or by phone at 859-622-2320. You may also get assistance at your regional campus or the dual credit office.

Visit the EKU homepage and select the login drop down menu in the top right corner.

Select “Current Students” and log in with with your EKU email and email password.

Find the Registration card. If you don’t see it, scroll to the bottom, select “Discover More” and search for the name of the card. You can then add it to the menu by clicking the bookmark symbol in the top right corner.

Select “Register for Classes”.

Select “registration agreement” and click save.

Choose Term and enter RAC number.

Use tab to choose “Enter CRN’s” and submit.

If you get a registration error, it will show on the top of the page.

What happens if I forget my email/Blackboard password and need to reset it?

Can students register for more than 2 classes per semester?

EKU Dual Credit students are permitted to register for up to six credit hours per semester or two classes. If the student wishes to enroll in more hours/courses, they must first work with their high school guidance counselor and then with the dual credit office to receive approval.

How do I get a copy of my college transcript?

Unofficial transcripts are available to each student through their EKUDirect student web account. Look for the link under the Student Records menu.

**Unofficial transcripts do not include degrees or university certificates earned at EKU.

Official transcripts can be ordered from the Registrar.

How do I drop a class?

To withdraw from your course(s), you will need to do so in MyEKU.

Go to the Registration Card

Select “Register Add/Drop Courses”

Choose the semester, and select continue

Under the Summary Box (located in the bottom right of the page), find the course to drop

Select the drop down box next to the course

Choose “Drop/Withdraw by Web”

Submit Changes

How do I withdraw from a class after drop/add week?

After the first week of class, the only option to get out of a class is to withdraw from it. You can withdraw from a class by following the same instructions as dropping a class. The only exception is on the drop down menu, you will choose “withdrawn by web” instead. For full semester classes, you may only withdraw during the first 12 weeks of class. If you withdraw there will be a “W” on your official college transcript. For more information on withdrawing from a class, visit the Registrar’s website.

What if I have an orientation hold that prevents me from withdrawing?

Please email the Registrar’s office at for assistance. The hold will be released for 24 hours and the student must withdraw from the course during that time. Students should send this request through their EKU email. With your request that the hold be lifted, please include your name, EKU ID number, and course information. You will be required to check back frequently so that you can withdraw within the 24 hour hold release time frame.

What happens if I fail a class?

Per the EKU Dual Credit policy, students who receive a “D”, “F” or “FN” in a course must retake that course and achieve a “C” or better in order to continue in the program and take additional courses. If you wish to retake a course, email the Registrar’s office through your EKU email account. Please address the following in the email and send to

  • Why do you feel you were unsuccessful in the course the first time you took it?
  • What has changed that makes you believe that retaking the course at this time will permit you to be successful?
  • What actions are you going to take to assure that you are successful in the course this time around?
  • Please include your name and EKU ID number in the correspondence.

Any repeated courses will be charged at $91 per credit hour for the 2023/2024 academic year.

I qualify for a KHEAA scholarship to pay for my class(es) but my account is showing that I have a balance due

Because of procedures to assign state dual credit scholarships through KHEAA, student accounts will not reflect scholarships, and will have a tuition balance, until November for Fall semester and April for the Spring semester. However, students may pay for course materials and tuition, if not using a KHEAA Scholarship, invoiced at any time. We will email students when accounts are accurate but students are encouraged to check their EKU Direct account as well. Both KHEAA scholarships have separate applications – Dual Credit and Work Ready – through the KHEAA website.

Does the new Study Strong Scholarship pay for my dual credit classes?

No. The Study Strong Award is applied during your freshman year at EKU. For additional information, please visit the Study Strong webpage.

What do I need to know about parking on campus?

Where do I find information about transferring courses?

Where can I find information about textbooks and course materials?

Visit the EKU Bookstore for more information.

Where do I find information about my Colonel One Card?

Visit the Colonel Card site for more information.

What is Colonel's Compass?

Colonel’s Compass provides information on deadlines, add/drop, refunds, final exam and severe weather schedules, advising dates, registration issues, and calendars.

Where can I find scholarship estimates?

Dual Credit

521 Lancaster Avenue
442 Whitlock Building
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: 859-622-6532

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