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SAIT 9 What Can You Do To Help?

What Can You Do To Help?

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Faculty, staff, and students have a responsibility to refer any student who may be struggling emotionally, psychologically, or academically and/or who may pose a risk to the well-being of the University or its members.

If you believe a student poses an immediate threat to harm themselves or others, call 911 or EKU Police at 622-1111.

Examples of situations requiring immediate intervention by the EKU Police include:

  • A student who indicates they have access to a weapon and threatens to use that weapon.
  • A student attempting suicide.
  • A student who makes statements or otherwise indicates an intention to harm themselves or others.

If you do not believe the student is an imminent threat, some examples of student behaviors that you may report to the SAIT are the following behaviors:

  • Very unusual;
  • Troubling or concerning to you or your students;
  • Disruptive to your classroom, office, residence hall, or other environment;
  • Causing you or others around you to feel uncomfortable or concerned;
  • Indicative of the need for mental health resources;
  • Potentially threatening in any way.

Student Assistance and Intevention Team