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Tuition Waiver and Forms


Tuition Waiver Forms

Note: As of Fall 2021, all EKU students who receive a tuition waiver must have a FAFSA on file.

Post-Secondary Waivers

Post-Secondary Waivers for state and locally owned secondary area technology centers: The Kentucky Legislature proposed and passed Bill 152 this year that states “all technology center employees who use their 6 credit hours at any public, post-secondary institution shall complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to determine the level of need and eligibility for state and federal financial aid programs. The amount of tuition waived shall not exceed the cost of tuition at the institution less any state or federal grants received, which shall be credited first to the student’s tuition.” As of Fall 2018, EKU only accepts and honors post-secondary waivers from students who are certified as Occupation Based by EPSB and are employed as an in-service teacher at a state or locally operated Area Technology Center (ATC). Per KY Statute HB 592 doctoral levels are not included and this benefit is contingent upon the full-time employee maintaining a 2.0 GPA.

Academic Common Market Waiver

Eastern Kentucky University participates in the Academic Common Market, a program allowing out-of-state students to pursue a degree at EKU at the in-state resident tuition rate due to the program not being offered in their home state. Please visit to determine if the degree program is one of the programs offered through the Academic Common Market program. The waiver will remain in effect for every fall and spring term until graduation as long as the student remains enrolled in the approved major. If the student changes his or her major, the student will lose the waiver and will be charged the appropriate out-of-state tuition rate. Note: If a student is offered a merit scholarship/Out of State Discount and is eligible for the Academic Common Market waiver, the scholarship will be canceled to utilize the ACM Waiver.