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Service learning is an integral part of the curriculum at Model Laboratory Middle School.

Obviously, the lessons are taking hold.

For many years, Model Middle students have contributed to the Salvation Army Stocking Fundraiser. This year, the goal was $10,000. In just three weeks, students easily exceeded that goal, turning over more than $13,500 to the Salvation Army on Dec. 18. This is the school’s largest donation in eight years of collecting funds for the Salvation Army. For every $20 donated, one local child will be sponsored, allowing the 180 students of Model Laboratory Middle School to serve and sponsor over 675 kids in the community.

“This is an amazing feat considering the size of our middle school body,” said Assistant Director Laura Dedic. “Needless to say, Model Middle School provided many Christmas gifts for those in need in the Richmond community.

“Giving back to our community is a civic lesson,” Dedic added, “but, more importantly, it is a life lesson. We are extremely proud of our kids.”