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By Alysia Adams, Class of 2016, and Camille Sears, Class of 2015

Gideon Workman is a first-year GURU, and he enjoys a job that allows him to help people. EKU GURUs are placed around campus in different buildings to help other students who may need it. They can help with homework, getting information about campus activities or organizations, and showing students around campus.

Other than studying and being a GURU, Gideon likes spending time with friends on the intramural fields, playing soccer and ultimate Frisbee. He is also part of CRU, a religious organization on campus.

In his junior year as a chemistry/pre-pharmacy major, deciding between EKU and UK wasn’t an easy decision. Ultimately, he chose EKU because it was more affordable. After spending a couple years on Eastern’s campus, Gideon knows he made the right choice. He likes that EKU is a smaller campus, and offers smaller classes with easy-to-talk-to professors.

“I think I’m going to be proud to say I’m an EKU alum,” Gideon said.

This university has made an experience unlike any other for him, providing a “home away from home,” he added.

He feels as if he had chosen another college, he wouldn’t have had the same experiences because of the larger campus and student body size. Eastern allows students to live on campus all four years making it easier to make friends and meet new people, “it’s easy to get plugged in here,” Gideon said.