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The first book in Dr. Pam Parry’s series on women in American politics was a finalist for a prestigious national book award named for former journalist Frank Luther Mott.

Parry, associate professor of public relations at Eastern Kentucky University, is co-editing the book series on Women in American Political History, and the first book was published in December 2015. Kappa Tau Alpha gives an annual award for the best book in journalism/mass communication, with an emphasis on the quality of the research, according to an April 18 news release.

The organization recently announced one winner and three finalists for the coveted award. In Parry’s book series, the author was Dr. Teri Finneman; her book was titled “Press Portrayals of Women Politicians, 1870s-2000s: From ‘Lunatic’ Woodhull to ‘Polarizing Palin.’”

“Dr. Finneman’s book is wonderfully researched and written,” Parry said. “This is her award, but I am proud that it was the first book in our series. Working with her has been one of the highlights of my 30-year career. I loved the book and, as her editor, I read it from cover to cover multiple times. Each time a joy!”

Parry is not just happy for the author, but also for her publisher.

“This recognition puts Lexington Books in very good company,” Parry said, noting that the other honored books were published by Cambridge University Press, Princeton University Press and the University of California Press. “This speaks to Lexington’s credibility as an academic publisher.”

This fall, Lexington Books is scheduled to release two more books in the series: “Well-Behaved Women Making a Difference in the 1960s and 1970s: Politicking Politely and “Gendered Politics: California Women Running for Office, 1912-1970.”