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How does one’s predilection to watch wedding-related reality television programs correspond to their specific romantic beliefs?

Veronica Hefner photoDr. Veronica Hefner, an associate professor of communication studies in the Department of Communication at Eastern Kentucky University, answers that question in a podcast posted on the American Psychological Association website. The 11-minute podcast and interview transcript, part of the APA Journals Dialogue, are available at

As a teacher-scholar, Hefner’s interests are centered on the social cognitive effects of exposure to various forms of mass media, as well as the role media exposure plays in self-perception. Her work has been published in Communication Monographs, Media Psychology, Psychology of Popular Media Culture, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, and Sexuality & Culture, among others.

She is the immediate past secretary for the Mass Communication Division of the International Communication Association and current officer for the Nominations Committee of the Mass Communication Division of the National Communication Association.