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For some students, an associate degree or certificate at Eastern Kentucky University is now an even more attractive and affordable option.

Students can participate in the newly established Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship Program as they pursue any one of 18 associate degrees or certificates at EKU. The new statewide program helps Kentuckians who have not yet earned an associate degree afford an industry-recognized certificate or credential. Students must pursue a two-year degree, or another industry-recognized credential, in one of Kentucky’s top-five high-demand workforce sectors, which are determined by the Commonwealth and may change over time.

Dr. Brett Morris, executive director of enrollment management at EKU, said the scholarship would prove “especially helpful to students from middle-income families. We hope that students will see that they have opportunities at EKU if they want to pursue a two-year degree. This is a great way to tap into extra money that goes toward college.”

Qualifying programs at EKU for 2017-18 are:

Health Care – Associate Degree of Nursing, Associate Degree of Paramedicine, Basic Emergency Medical Technician (Certificate)

Advanced Manufacturing – Associate Degree of Applied Science-Technology (Applied Engineering), Associate of Arts General Studies-Applied Engineering and Technology, Industrial Fire Protection (Certificate)

Transportation/Logistics – Associate of Arts General Studies-Homeland Security Concentration, Associate of Arts General Studies-Security Operations Concentration, Homeland Security (Certificate), Disaster Management (Certificate), Security Management (Certificate).

Business Services/IT – Associate Degree of Applied Science-Technology (Computer Electronics), Associate of Arts General Studies-Computer Network Systems Concentration, Associate of Arts General Studies-Electricity and Electronics Concentration, Associate of Arts General Studies-Graphic Information Systems Concentration, Associate of Arts General Studies-Informatics Concentration, Graphic Information Systems (Certificate).

Many of the programs “provide good pathways” to four-year degrees, Morris noted.

Recipients must be U.S. citizens (or permanent residents), Kentucky residents, have a high school diploma or GED and not yet earned an associate degree or higher.

The maximum award for 2017-18 is approximately $3,900, and varies based on any other federal and state grants and scholarships the student has already been receiving. To apply for a Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which can be found at, and submit a Work Ready Kentucky Scholarship application, which can be accessed at under Paying for College/KHEAA Administered Programs. The application deadline is June 15.

For more information about the Kentucky Work Ready Scholarship Program, visit or contact the EKU Scholarship Office at 859-622-8032. For more information about specific qualifying academic programs, visit EKU Admissions at, or contact the Admissions Office at or 859-622-2106.