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Eastern Kentucky University’s Office of Regional Stewardship has recently hired a new public relations intern. April Cherry is a senior English Literature major from Meade County, as well as a student of the Honors Program.

Cherry will be an important part of the office’s mission to improve Kentucky communities and the University’s standing in its service region by partnering with local service organizations throughout southeastern Kentucky, such as SOAR, Promise Zone and Berea Partners for Education. In her role, Cherry will essentially work for both the Office of Regional Stewardship and partner entities, earning her own work experience, building networks and improving her portfolio along the way.

 “I am excited to be able to work closely with organizations in Eastern Kentucky that do so much good for the communities represented at EKU,” Cherry said.

Maggie Bill, Regional Stewardship Outreach Specialist, is a direct supervisor for the interns and a liaison for employers. She has seen many interns go straight into career jobs once they complete their internship and graduate.

“When these students complete the internships, their resumes demonstrate successful project management and show a diverse skill set,” Bill said. “Their portfolios reflect real, hands-on work experience which lands them jobs that are in most cases better than entry level.”

As EKU seeks to improve its positive impact and service to the area and its students, so does the Office of Regional Stewardship. Through community outreach, grant development, online media support and hands-on assistance, this office works continually to support the missions and visions of the University. 

“Not only are student internships available, which is a position I am thankful to hold, but there are many scholarships, portfolio building experiences and volunteer activities available to students through these organizations,” Cherry said. “While students are gaining valuable experience with these organizations, the organizations are gaining valuable help from invested students. It is truly a win-win situation.”

For more information about the Office of Regional Stewardship or internship opportunities, contact Maggie Bill at 859-622-7129.