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This is another in a series of interviews with staff, faculty, administrators and students across campus promoting the goals of EKU’s Quality Enhancement Plan. The current QEP, Read with Purpose, calls for Eastern to develop critical readers through the use of metacognitive strategies. Building on the past QEP, which focused on developing critical and creative thinkers, this effort represents the University’s commitment to institutional improvement, and provides a long-term focus for faculty and staff professional development and student learning.

This installment in the QEP Spotlight series features student Matthew Strader.

Q: In what ways have you been involved with the EKU QEP, Read with Purpose?

A: I have had the opportunity to implement the EKU QEP in my tutoring sessions in the Student Success Center (SSC). Whether I am helping a student analyze an article or effectively research a topic, the QEP upholds the mission of the SSC. Every student and every tutoring session is different. We are trained to adapt to the needs of the student to provide an optimal place for students to learn critical reading and thinking skills.

Q: What impact is the QEP having on your own learning?

A: I am a fire, arson and explosion investigation major. In my future career, I will be held accountable for every decision I make on scenes. The QEP has helped me critically break down my own thought processes and develop effective strategies for translating my thoughts into well-written reports and presentations.

Q: In what ways has QEP professional development impacted your work with students in the Student Success Center?

A: The QEPs focus on metacognitive strategies covers every facet of my job at the SCC. We have been trained to help students develop academic and personal goals. It's absolutely amazing what writing down a simple goal or task can do for an individual's motivation. Once we help them develop a plan for success, we use the strategies found in the QEP to help them achieve it.

Q: In what ways do you see the QEP supporting student learning at EKU?

A: Critical reading and thinking skills are imperative to being a successful individual. The QEP is planting a seed that will not only help current EKU students grow and lead successful lives, but ripple across our culture. Everyone has a different definition of success and the skills found in the QEP are the foundation for finding and fulfilling individual success.