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Navy Lieutenant Amy Blades-Langjahr was moving across the country for her new assignment aboard the USS Nimitz for her job in the United States Navy when she stopped at EKU. As a recent EKU Online graduate, she wanted to see some of the people who helped her along the way. They had a surprise for her — a graduation ceremony for one. 

Lt. Blades-Langjahr began her career at EKU while still serving in the United States Navy, where she has been for the last 21 years. She earned a bachelor's degree in fire, arson and explosion investigation last fall. Along the way, Blades-Langjahr started a family with her husband, and they were all moving from Virginia to Washington when they stopped in Richmond. 

"This is a complete surprise," she said. 

Weary from traveling, Blades-Langjahr said even without much sleep, she was elated for the recognition of her hard work. The degree was important for her to move to the next level in the Navy of Lieutenant Commander, which she hopes to achieve in May. The degree also gives her a career path when she leaves the Navy sometime in the future.