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Eastern Kentucky University doubled the impact of its Summer Scholars program, awarding nearly twice as many scholarships to hardworking Colonels as last year.

Nineteen students were selected for the scholarship based on financial need, progress toward graduation and a written statement of academic and professional goals. The Summer Scholars award, established in 2018, covers tuition and books for one summer course.

“EKU is a campus of opportunity, and students’ academic success is central to everything that we do,” said EKU Summer coordinator Dr. Rusty Carpenter. “The Summer Scholars program is intended to reduce barriers for students who only need one or two more courses to graduate. EKU Summer is the ideal time to take those classes.”

The program is jointly administered by EKU’s Diversity Office, Summer Committee, Office of Student Financial Assistance and the Noel Studio for Academic Creativity. As part of the program, students are provided several enrichment experiences, including:

  • Weekly goal-setting meetings with an assigned consultant mentor from the Noel Studio.
  • One-on-one consultations to help students with writing and communication skills.

  • Leadership development using the Five Paths to Leadership model designed by Academic Impressions.

  • Other development opportunities, such as a module on how to work more closely with faculty as partners in academic success.

Summer courses are crucial for many students, helping them catch up or get ahead on credits, lighten their spring and fall course loads, or raise their GPA. The Summer Scholars program was designed to eliminate a number of financial or scheduling burdens that may have prevented students from taking summer courses.

“I was humbled and grateful for receiving the Summer Scholarship because it allows me to focus on my academic curriculum. It alleviates my focus on summer expenses,” said recipient MiKaela Dismukes, a public health major from Chicago. “This program itself is a great way to assist students financially and academically because you are paired up with mentors.”

Several students said EKU Summer courses will allow them to graduate a semester earlier than they otherwise would.  

“I was extremely excited to receive the Summer Scholarship,” said recipient Kellie Christie, an animal studies major from Mount Eden, Kentucky. “In order for me to graduate in the fall, I had to take this summer class. Without it, I would have gone a whole extra semester for one class.”

Students who still need to register for summer classes can do so through June 17 for the second eight-week session and July 1 for the second six-week session. For more information on #EKUSummer, visit


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  • Jaydan Norris
  • Jasmine Lofton
  • Tatyana Mason
  • Stephen M. Jones
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  • Katherine M. Robinson
  • MiKaela Dismukes
  • Sabrina Speratos
  • Alexis O'Bannon
  • Kellie Christie
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  • Terry Jarden
  • Ciara Flennoy
  • Malaysia Hardy
  • Desiree Richie
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