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Eastern Kentucky University, in partnership with Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program, Inc. (EKCEP) has launched a new Teleworks USA Digital Career Center at its Manchester Campus to bring new remote-work preparation and job-placement opportunities in the digital economy to Clay and surrounding counties.

The new Teleworks USA Digital Career Center offers a fully equipped workshop training space for prospective teleworkers to complete Teleworks USA’s self-paced customer service and digital literacy workshops. The program allows students to get expert support in preparing to and applying for telework job opportunities that allow them to work at home using a computer over the internet. 

“Eastern considers the placement of a Teleworks USA Digital Career Center at our East Region Manchester Campus a strategically placed partnership designed to be a solution for reshaping and rebuilding our service region,” said Dr. David McFaddin, Senior Vice President of Operations and Strategic Initiatives. “This is one of many ways EKU continues to be a part of making our economy and hard-working Kentucky employees even stronger.”

An initiative of the EKCEP, Teleworks USA identifies and develops legitimate remote-work, distance learning opportunities, and helps to prepare people for the jobs in the digital economy, working with them on creating resumes and developing superior interviewing skills, then applying for and obtaining legitimate work-from-home positions.

“We are absolutely thrilled about our new partnership with the administration of Eastern Kentucky University and its Manchester Campus,” said Michael Cornett, EKCEP Director of Agency Expansion & Teleworks USA. “Our Teleworks USA Digital Career Center located within the EKU Manchester Campus is our first-ever partnership with one of Kentucky’s four-year universities, and that partnership will bring our training workshops and legitimate remote-work opportunities with our national and global partner employers to Clay County.”

Since January 2015, Teleworks USA has been responsible for more than 2,400 digital economy, remote-work job placements. These placements could equate to a potential impact of $53 million new annual wages coming into the region. Teleworks USA has partnerships with more than a dozen of the nation’s largest remote companies, with average starting wages between $10-13 per hour. Most full-time positions come with benefits, and some companies provide equipment necessary to be successful in the role.

“Appalachia is not a problem to be solved – but, rather, a solution to be discovered,” said EKCEP Executive Director Jeff Whitehead. “With Teleworks USA, EKCEP is bringing a 21st-century employment solution to the Eastern Kentuckians we serve by taking advantage of the digital economy, and we are delighted and honored to be able to now do that in Clay County with the partnership and wonderful support of Eastern Kentucky University.” 

The EKU Regional Campus and Teleworks USA Digital Career Center strategic partnership is aimed at improving digital literacy in Clay County through citizens’ participation in Teleworks USA workshops or EKU certificate programs and classes. Many prospective teleworkers who complete a workshop receive industry-recognized certifications in career-readiness and retail customer services and sales.

“Regional Stewardship and Regional Programming is continuously looking for partnerships just like this Teleworks USA Digital Career Center through EKCEP,” said Melissa Newman, Director of Regional Stewardship at Eastern Kentucky University. “It is these kinds of strategic partnerships that help us grow our regional footprint to benefit the most people possible in our service region.”

The Teleworks USA Digital Career Center will be managed by Teleworks USA Manager Amy Nunn, who will administer workshop curricula assembled to give participants the best preparation for obtaining and succeeding in remote jobs.

Those visiting the Teleworks USA Digital Career Center will also be directed to EKU for certificate programs, entry-level computer and business classes and other academic and workforce development-driven courses offered on-site by EKU staff and faculty.

The Teleworks USA Digital Career Center will be open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during regular EKU Manchester campus hours and will follow the overall campus schedule. Teleworks USA is expected to feature ongoing on-site activity and monthly workshops. EKU Manchester students can expect to see a monthly update of all upcoming workshops and hiring events posted in the main lobby. The new center is located in Classroom 107 on the EKU Manchester Campus at 50 University Drive in Manchester.

“Demonstrating Eastern Kentucky University’s commitment to our communities, the Manchester Regional Campus is proud to be the first EKU campus to house a Teleworks USA Digital Career Center,” added Terry Gray, Director of East Region/Manchester Regional Campus. “EKCEP has always been a strong partner in the region and the Manchester training hub will be instrumental in improving the economic vitality of the region.”

The first workshop will be held at the EKU Manchester Teleworks USA Digital Career Center Oct. 7-10, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Anyone interested in enrolling in the workshop and learning more about remote work should contact Amy Nunn at 606-438-1533 or