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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Eastern Kentucky University has stepped up to support the local community and region with personal protective equipment (PPE) to be distributed by the Madison County Emergency Management Agency. These essential tools will help ensure first responders and healthcare workers on the frontlines are working safely while they meet the demands for health services in the community.   

Eastern Kentucky University, Aramark and various colleges and departments within the university have pulled together to provide:

  • 55,398 pairs of gloves
  • 679 gowns
  • 2,400 surgical masks

“We have a compassionate, community-minded and service focused team at EKU, and this is what we mean when we say we are stronger together,” said interim president Dr. David McFaddin. “It was never a question of whether our team would raise a hand to help when called upon, but rather how fast we could help.  I am truly thankful to each individual and their area leadership for helping in this time of need.” 

The Colonel community remains ready to assist further, as the response to COVID-19 increases with the number of confirmed cases growing in the Commonwealth.

“We sent out a communication to various university departments, and when presented with the opportunity to help, the responses just kept coming in!” said Dr. Bryan Makinen, Executive Director of Public Safety and Risk Management. “Our hearts were overwhelmed by the response of our compassionate Colonel community to this need. We are blessed to have wonderful, caring people at our great university who deeply care about one another and our community.”