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Eastern Kentucky University is continually improving student affordability and access to advanced education through innovative scholarship models. For Fall 2021, the University announced today it would have new merit and need-based scholarships for Kentucky residents. The focus on successful student outcomes will continue to ensure EKU’s status as the School of Opportunity.

The new model allows students to receive substantial scholarships to cover tuition and fees costs without a qualifying ACT score. Grade point averages ranging from 3.0 to 3.8 qualify for merit-based scholarships. The criteria and amounts are as follows:  

$6,000 for 3.8 GPA, 

$4,000 for 3.3-3.7 GPA 

$3,000 for 3.0-3.2 GPA

Additionally, with a qualifying ACT score of 28 or above and a 3.8 GPA, the new scholarship model provides up to $9,266, the full cost of tuition and fees, to any Kentucky student.

Any Madison County resident who achieves a 2.5 GPA and wants to attend EKU will receive the Madison County Promise, which guarantees a minimum $1,000 scholarship, and is also eligible to stack that aid with other need-based or foundation scholarships. 

Eastern Kentucky University also has new need-based scholarships that it will offer in Fall 2021. The “Colonel Commitment” Scholarship is an EKU Advantage need-based scholarship for any Pell Grant-eligible student. The scholarship will cover up to 100 percent of tuition and fees for first-year students who have a 3.0 high school GPA. This scholarship is intended to act as “gap funding” for any student who has exhausted all avenues of federal, state and institutional scholarship and grant assistance , and still has a remaining balance for tuition and required fees.

“The introduction of the Colonel Commitment, Madison County Promise, and restructured merit model will directly impact the accessibility of the transformative Eastern Experience for Kentucky students,” said EKU President Dr. David McFaddin. “These changes will ensure that more students receive aid and that the University is bridging the gap for our students with the most financial need.”

The revised scholarship models will pull additional students into the University’s scholarship pool, and shows an increasing monetary commitment to students who want to attend a four-year comprehensive university. 

“EKU serves a region with some of the lowest income in the United States, and we are committed to making sure all students have access to a quality education. We strive to nurture their abilities and help them meet the challenges they face when returning to those communities to live and work after completing their degrees,” said Dr. Tanlee Wasson, EKU senior vice president for student success. “As a native Eastern Kentuckian, I fully understand the value of an EKU degree for individual students, their families, and the history rich, but economically challenged communities in which they live.”

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