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Sunday was National Boone Day! June 7 marked the day in 1769 that Daniel Boone first began exploring what is now our beloved Bluegrass State. The Daniel Boone statue, which stands tall in front of the historic Keen Johnson Building, has been an iconic part of the #CampusBeautiful for over 50 years. You may have even rubbed his toe for good luck on an exam. To celebrate his legacy, Spring 2020 Art and Design grad Ashley Fletcher decided to illustrate him in watercolor. Watch her process from start to finish, captured by university photographer Carsen Bryant.

2020 graduate Ashley Fletcher sitting on a chair erasing sketchbook outside
Ashley Fletcher looking at Daniel Boone statue holding a pencil to her face
Ashley Fletcher sketching Daniel Boone statue in front of Keen Johnson building
Close up of Ashley Fletchers arm and sketchbook while she is sketching
Wide shot from behind Ashley Fletcher sketching Daniel Boone statue from a far
Ashley Fletcher sitting in chair on Keen Johnson plaza adding pen to sketchbbook
Close up of Ashley pressing red paint of tube to her pallet
Ashley Fletcher sitting on ground by art supplies pouring water into glass jar
Ashley Fletcher painting sketchbook sitting at a round table under a tree
Close up of watercolor of Daniel Boone statue surround by art supplies
Ashley Fletcher holding finished watercolor in front of Daniel Boone statue
Multi color of blues and greens watercolor of Daniel Boone statue

Published on June 04, 2020