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For most college students, the library is a go-to spot for long study-sessions, group project meetups, or just some peace and quiet. EKU Libraries has Colonels covered on all fronts! Open until 1 AM on weeknights, the John Grant Crabbe Library sits in the heart of the Campus Beautiful. When they most need to focus, students can set up shop in a basement study room, on the Noel Reading Porch, or in the Grand Reading Room. With help from the library’s Noel Studio, an A+ paper or presentation is within reach. The coffee shop, Java City, is always ready to fuel late nights of learning. Check out some photos of the Crabbe Library below, snapped by student photographers Julia Hickey and Aric Young.

A view from the library looking down at Java City.
Library book shelves
Student study together at the Student Success Center
A student visits advisor at the Student Success Center
Overlooking students studying in Java City
A student studies in the library with shelves full of books.
Two students work together on a laptop in the library.
A view of the Noel Studio in the Library.
Students studying in the Library common area.
A student finds a quiet study spot in the library
Students wait in line at Java City

Students wait to get food at Java City

A student walking up beside the Noel Reading Porch
Students hang out on a bench outside of the Library facing Noel Reading Porch
A student studies alone in the library
Students study together in a common area of the library
Student highlights notes while studying at the library.
A student reads a book on a couch in the library.
'You Belong Here' banner hangs outside the library entrance

Published on February 18, 2020