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Eastern Kentucky University’s Dr. Jon McChesney, chair of the Recreation and Park Administration Dept., was recently named a Kentucky Recreation and Park Society Fellow and was honored with the award at the state conference and trade show at the James E. Bruce Convention Center in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

“KRPS is the premier organization in the Commonwealth of Kentucky for parks and recreation professionals, and it is an honor to receive this award from this organization and from my fellow professionals,” McChesney said.

KRPS is a state affiliate to the National Recreation and Park Association. The KRPS provides training opportunities and continuing education opportunities to parks and recreation professionals, city, county and state officials and partnering organizations such as Eastern Kentucky University and the Kentucky League of Cities.

The Fellow Award is given to a professional recreation leader to recognize an individual who has a dedicated interest in the profession or field of leisure. Service contribution rendered through Kentucky Recreation and Park Society, distinctive leadership in recreation and meritorious service to the profession. The KRPS said of the award and recipient, “Recipients should also possess five years of experience as a leader, instructor, supervisor, director, administrator or combination thereof. Dr. Jon McChesney has been involved in parks and recreation for over 30 years as an instructor, mentor, leader, and philanthropist. He now serves as the chair of the Recreation and Park Administration Department, guiding and producing well-rounded parks and recreation professionals.McChesney exemplifies great leadership, passion for knowledge and a love of recreation and leisure services.”

McChesney is known as an “Eternal Colonel,” growing up on campus, and going to EKU.

“I have the best job in the world at the best university! My father started this department. I grew up on this campus attending Model K-12 and received two degrees from EKU. Eastern has meant so much to me and our family and created many wonderful memories,” McChesney said.  “The recreation profession is one that brings joy and quality to life, and my goal for our students is to unleash their passion and make that proverbial difference in the world! We are one of the longest accredited programs in the nation, and that adherence to excellence certainly helps prepare our students for their career. One of our department slogans is Love What You Do. I have been blessed to have a career that has resulted in loving what I do.”