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Social Wellness

Find resources to support your social wellness and connections to campus, including making friends, joining student organizations, leadership opportunities, attending campus events, and supporting healthy relationships.

Student Events and Activities

Student Life

The mission of Student Life and First-Year Experience is to enhance the quality of life of Eastern Kentucky University students by supporting the University’s commitment to the academic success and holistic development of every Colonel. A variety of programs, initiatives, support services, and experiences can be found through Student Life.

Student Organizations

Student Life and First-Year Experience is home to over 200 Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) that EKU students are welcome to get involved with at any time.

  • Check out the full list of RSOs on Engage or Corq (the mobile app) to get involved. Search in a variety of categories including activity and special interest, club sports, departmental organizations, fraternities and sororities, student governance councils, honorary, multicultural, religious, and service.
  • Can’t find an organization that interests you? No worries! Just grab five additional friends and start your own. Follow the instructions to start your own RSO.


Spiritual Organizations

Cultural Events and Centers

Center for Inclusive Excellence and Global Engagement

  • The CIEGE provides inclusive space and programs for students where they can thrive and celebrate their cultures while developing personally and professionally.
  • Located in the bottom floor of the Powell Building, CIEGE is available for study space and programs during their operating hours as well as for special events listed on the Signature Events page.
  • CIEGE offers Signature Programs such as Global Leaders Unite, the Empowerment Network, Queer and Trans Connections, and Academy Scholars.


Bobby Verdugo and Yoli Rios Peer Mentor and Tutoring Center

  • El Centro not only provides tutoring and mentoring for students, but they also host cultural and social events.
  • El Centro highlights many events on Instagram @eku_elcentro and Facebook LCUHVerdugoCenter.


Student Life and First-Year Experience Multicultural RSOs

Search the list of Registered Student Organizations focused on multicultural engagement, including the Black Student Union, Asian American Association, AFA Club, Latino Student Association, the Alphabet Center, multicultural Greek organizations, and more.

Student Wellness

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