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High School Students

High school students can begin the National Scholarship process beginning February 1 of their junior year.

If you need to schedule an appointment with our Professor of Military Science as part of the process, please contact Mr. Eric Sheaks by email or at 859-622-1215, or contact Claire Jennings by email or at 859-622-1205.

**All EKU Students are able to enroll in EKU’s Army ROTC Foundation Courses (MSL 101/102 OR 201/202) as an elective without any obligation to ROTC or the Army. **Military Service obligation starts AFTER college graduation and completion of the ROTC program requirements.**

ROTC Scholarship Contracted Cadets Receive:

  1. 100% Tuition OR$6,000 per semester for Room and Board
  2. $1,200 Annual Book Stipend
  3. Tax Free Monthly Stipend ranging from $420
  4. University provided Room and Board scholarship (worth up to $2,382 for room and $1,813 for meals)

ROTC Non-Scholarship SMP (National Guard/Reserve) Contracted Cadets Receive

  1. 100% State Tuition Assistance (National Guard) OR Federal Tuition Assistance (Reserve)
  2. Tax Free Monthly Stipend ranging from $420
  3. Receive E-5 Drill Pay ($350 2-Day Drill Weekend)
  4. Eligible for SMP Kicker ($350 monthly)
  5. Eligible for EKU Army ROTC Room Scholarship (worth up to $3,058 per semester)

ROTC Non-Scholarship Contracted Cadets Receive:

  1. Tax Free Monthly Stipend ranging from $420
  2. Eligible for EKU Army ROTC Room Scholarship (worth up to $3,058 per semester)

**Keep in Mind Students Must Meet Eligibility Criteria in Order to Contract in EKU’s Army ROTC program

To contract and receive Army ROTC financial opportunities, students must meet these requirements:

  1. Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 (Scholarship) OR 2.0 (Non-Scholarship)
  2. ACT/SAT For Scholarship Application (*Minimum Scores Are No Longer Required) *No ACT/SAT required for Non-Scholarship options*
  3. Be medically qualified (Department of Defense Medical Evaluation Review Board; DODMERB)
  4. Able to pass the Army Combat Fitness Test with 60 points in each event
  5. Meet US Army height and weight standards
  6. Have no civil convictions
  7. Be approved by the Professor of Military Science
  8. Have at least two years of college remaining or three years at most
  9. U.S. Citizen/Permanent Resident


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