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Dr. James Blair

Dr. James Blair, an Assistant Dean and Chair of the Faculty, is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Eastern Kentucky University. He is a consumer behavior researcher specializing in pricing, personal branding, marketing education, and sports marketing. His research has been published in several academic publications, including the Business Education Forum, Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education, Journal of Business and Management, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Journal of Euromarketing, Journal of Macromarketing, and SAGE. He and his co-authors wrote Sports Marketing: A Winning Approach, a sports marketing textbook, which was published by StuKent. Additionally, he has presented his research at a variety of conferences hosted by several academic associations, including the Academy of International Business-Southeast, American Collegiate Retailing Association, Appalachian Research in Business, Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education, Association for Marketing Theory and Practice, Society for Judgement and Decision Making, and Society for Marketing Advances.

In the classroom, Dr. Blair leverages experiential learning through live-client projects with his students. This allows students to apply course concepts to local businesses and come away with tangible documents they can add to their professional portfolios. He regularly works with businesses in the classroom, allowing students to gain experience in developing their marketing skills.

Dr. Blair is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Consumer Marketing. This is an Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) “A” Ranked Publication. He is also a member of the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Consumer Behaviour (ABDC “A” Ranked Publication) and the Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education (ABDC “C” Ranked Publication). These service experiences allow Dr. Blair to stay up to date with the latest consumer behavior and marketing education research to use in the classroom. He is also a Direct Selling Education Foundation Fellow ( and a Bluegrass Tomorrow Higher Education Consortium Academic Leadership Academy Fellow. These opportunities allow him to provide his students with more hands-on sales experience and have access to insights from higher education leaders.

He has been recognized for his teaching and research. This includes being named the Associate Editor of the Year (2022) by the Journal of Consumer Marketing, Rogow Excellence in Research Award (2024), Jack Dyer Excellence in Teaching Award Recipient (2023), High Impact Teaching Award (2022), and the Rod Davis Best Paper in Marketing Education Track for the Society for Marketing Advances Conference.


PhD, University of Rhode Island in Business Administration (Concentration in Marketing)
MBA, University of Dayton (Concentrations in Finance and Marketing)
BA, Ohio University in Business Administration (Majors in Business Economics, Finance, and Pre-Business Law)
BA, Ohio University in Exercise and Sport Sciences (Major in Sport Management)

Research Publications

Blair, J., Jones, L., Manning, M., McGlown, J., Streetman, C., & Walz, C. (2023) Ring the alarm: Modifications to higher education negatively impacting full-time faculty, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Early Cite. (ABDC Rank: A, EKU Rank: B)
Bennett, D., Matos, G., & Blair, J. (2022). Sports marketing: An introduction of theory and practice. StuKent. (ABDC Rank: N/A, EKU Rank: N/A)
Blair, J., Gala, P., & Lunde, M. (2022). Dark triad-consumer behavior relationship: The mediating role of consumer self-confidence and aggressive interpersonal orientation. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 39(2), 145-165. (ABDC Rank: A, EKU Rank: A)
Blair, J. (2021) Positive implications of weekly marketing entrepreneur pitch competition assignments, Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education, 29(2), 1-11. (ABDC Rank: C, EKU Rank: B)
Fore, M., Blair, J., & Allison, L. (2021). The importance of students creating professional personal brands online. Business Education Forum, 76(2), 18-22. (ABDC Rank: N/A, EKU Rank: B)
Allison, L., & Blair, J. (2021). Organizational communication: Personal selling and brand management. In SAGE Skills: Business. SAGE Publications, Inc. (ABDC Rank: N/A, EKU Rank: B)
Blair, J. (2021). Implications of autonomous pricing on persuasive knowledge and aggressive consumers. Journal of Business and Management, 27(2), 33-68. (ABDC Rank: C, EKU Rank: B)
Allison, L., Blair, J., Jung, J., & Boutin, J. (2020). The importance of personal branding for university graduates entering the workforce. Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education, 28(2), 3-13. (ABDC Rank: C, EKU Rank: B)
Boutin, Jr., P. J. & Blair, J. (2020). Product standardization and adaptation in the classroom: An Oreo case study. Business Education Forum, 74(4), 38-41. (ABDC Rank: N/A, EKU Rank: B)
Blair, J. (2019). Christelle Damiens, ready, tech, go!: The definitive guide to exporting Australian technology to Europe (2016). Journal of Euromarketing, 28(1/2), 57-60. (ABDC Rank: C, EKU Rank: C)
Blair, J. (2019). Book Review: The fluid consumer: Next generation growth and branding in the digital age. Journal of Macromarketing, 39(3), 341-345. (ABDC Rank: A, EKU Rank: B)
Blair, J., Xiao, J., and Mason, I. (2019). A framework for practical student projects in global marketing courses. Business Education Forum, 73(4), 4-7. (ABDC Rank: N/A, EKU Rank: B)
Blair, J. (2016). Gerald Davis, The vanishing American corporation (2016). Markets, Globalization & Development Review, 1(2), 8-18. (ABDC Rank: N/A, EKU Rank: N/A)
Blair, J., Titlebaum, P., Brown, M. & Dick. R. (2016). Learn what the luxury suite customer wants. Applied Research in Coaching and Athletics Annual, 31(1), 224-248. (ABDC Rank: N/A, EKU Rank: N/A)

Popular Press Coverage

Ford, C. (2023). Artificial intelligence: Strange new world or opportunity? LEX18.
Grove, B. (2023). Tap That Podcast: Dr. Jim Blair Returns. Roto Baller.
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Egger, A. (2021). The Coca-Cola as you’ve never seen: How corporate sponsorships are handling the political minefield of the 2022 Winter Olympics. The Dispatch.
Blair, J. (2021). Immersive technology in business leads to digital marketing career opportunities.

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