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Welcome to Eastern Kentucky University, where we offer a flexible MBA program that can be completed online or in person. Our MBA program is designed for professionals seeking to enhance their business administration, leadership, and management knowledge and skills.

We’ve got you covered for students who prefer a more traditional classroom experience. Our prestigious in-person MBA program is held on our beautiful Richmond campus, where you’ll have the chance to engage directly with your professors and fellow students. With face-to-face interactions, you’ll be able to fully participate in group discussions, debates, and valuable networking opportunities with other professionals. Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to deepen your knowledge, broaden your horizons, and launch your career to the next level.

Innovative Curriculum – The in-person program and online program both offer cutting-edge curricula and can typically be completed in one year of full-time study, depending on the selected concentration.

Why Earn an MBA?

Because you’re ready to make the jump from managing a task list to managing a business. MBA holders are typically stronger candidates for promotions and have better prospects in the job market. They’re also more likely to command high salaries and feel more creative and fulfilled at work.

The best part?

An MBA complements any previous degree — no matter your field, it will re-energize your career, especially if it comes from a university as well-regarded as EKU.

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Flexible Schedule

Choose to finish in 1, 2, 3 or 4 year/s taking evening classes, with the ability to change gears if a personal or professional need arises

No prerequisites

A wide variety of undergraduate degrees and work experience are accepted.

High Distinction

EKU’s MBA enjoys accreditation by the AACSB placing it in the top 5% of business programs of the world.

MBA Graduates

Our MBA Graduates.

Learn from Experts

Learn face-to-face from award-winning faculty in small classes with an average 15:1 student-to-faculty ratio.

Higher Pay
EKU master’s degree holders in business fields earn more than $80,000 on average in Kentucky 7 years after graduation.
Graduate Students


Both the in-person and online MBA programs at EKU offer a variety of concentrations that allow students to specialize in a particular area aligned with their career goals and interests. These concentrations include, but are not limited to, Accounting, Marketing, Manufacturing Management, Organizational Psychology, Occupational Safety, and Public Administration. Each concentration offers a unique curriculum that equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their chosen field.

Concentrations: three courses from each concentration

Graduate Students

MBA Experience

  • For the in-person MBA program, students will take a total of 30 credits consisting of 21 credits of core business courses and 9 credits of electives in different concentrations, including Accounting, Marketing, Manufacturing Management, Construction Management, Computer Science, Occupational Safety, and several others.
  • For the in-person MBA 3+2 program, EKU College of Business Marketing and Accounting juniors and seniors can take up to 9 credit hours of 700-level courses that can be applied to their undergraduate degree and the MBA program.
  • The online MBA program features the same rigorous curriculum taught by the same faculty as our in-person program. Students who have not completed courses in statistics and microeconomics will be required to take an additional course to cover this content. 
  • Students should consult the latest graduate catalog or reach out to the MBA Director to confirm they have the most current information on MBA degree requirements.

Flexibility – Select from a variety of curriculum schedules in our in-person and online only programs to best fit your life and career goals.

Course Plans

In-Person MBA Program Option

Seven business courses will be taught in a face-to-face format. Each course is eight weeks long, and students attend one night class per week, along with other activities. Scheduling for the three approved electives varies depending on the concentration.

Scheduled Offerings of In-Person MBA Courses:
MBA 871 Managerial Communication Fall A
MBA 881 Survey of Accounting for Managers Fall A
MBA 874 Data Analytics for Managers Fall B
MBA 883 Financial Management and
Decision Making Fall B
MBA 875 Leading Organizations, People, and the Future of Work Spring A
MBA 882 Marketing Management Spring A
MBA 895 Integrated Decision Making Spring B

Online MBA Option

Seven business courses will be taught in an online format. Each course is 8 weeks long, Students can take three approved online electives in any semester.

Scheduled Offerings of Online MBA Courses:
MBA 874 Data Analytics for Managers Fall A
MBA 882 Marketing Management Fall A
MBA 871 Managerial Communication Fall B
MBA 895 Integrated Decision Making Fall B
MBA 881 Survey of Accounting for Managers Spring A
MBA 883 Financial Management and
Decision Making Spring B
MBA 875 Leading Organizations, People, and the Future of Work Summer A

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MBA Courses

MBA 870 Microeconomics and Statistics for Managers (3)

Prerequisites:  MBA status or instructor permission.  Practical business applications of microeconomic and statistical theory.  Emphasis on decision-making uncertainty.  topics include:  descriptive staistics, hypothesis testing, regression, optimization, demand estimation, forecasting, costs and production theory, pricing and output determination, and game theory.

MBA 871 Managerial Communication (3)

Business research and report writing, communication strategies, and oral presentations for managers.

MBA 874 Data Analytics for Managers (3) 

This course focuses on data analytics from a managerial perspective, including: business analytics, data management and wrangling, data visualization and summary measures, probability and distributions, statistical inference, data mining, data forecasting, and prescriptive analysis.

MBA 875 Leading Organizations, People, and the Future of Work (3) 

Fundamentals of organizational behavior and human resources: resource allocation, human enterprise, employee experience, and the future of work.  Topics include:  strategic decision-making, competition, workforce development, talent utilization, workplace rewards, recognition, demographics, and the gig economy.

MBA 881 Accounting for Managers (3)

This course focuses on financial and managerial accounting topics and tools relevant to a manager in the contest of understanding accounting information and using it effectively to make business decisions.

MBA 882 Marketing Management (3) 

This course is oriented toward: assessing the dynamic business environment, identifying consumers’ needs, selecting the appropriate market segment, and developing marketing strategy to satisfy consumer’ need and maintain firm sustainable competitive advantages.

MBA 883 Financial Management and Decision Making (3)

Prerequisite or Co-requisite: MBA 881.  this course provides managers at any level with analytical tools for financial management decisions, including financial statement interpretation, financial performance evaluation, financial forecasting, growth management, corporate financing, financial markets, business valuation, and capital budgeting.

MBA 895 Integrated Decision Making (3) 

Prerequisites:  MBA870, MBA871, MBA875, MBA881, MBA882, and MBA883.  This course focuses on strategic management skills and competencies.  It explores why good strategic management leads to good business performance and concepts, examines tools of strategic analysis, and includes applications of methods of integrated decision-making.

Graduate Student

EKU’s Master of Business Administration program accepts new students during the fall semester.

Completed applications for domestic students are due to the Graduate School no later than July 15.

International student applications are due to the Graduate School no later than June 1.

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