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Device Support

A TV, laptop, tablet, phone, and portable gaming system

This registration system should only be used for the following device types that plug into the Ethernet in the room or support WPA2 Enterprise (wireless):

• TiVo
• TiVo boxes
• Other DVR devices

Game Consoles
• Video game consoles
• Network-enabled home entertainment devices (TVs, Blu-ray players, Roku players, etc.)
• Network-enabled printers

• Smartphones (iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, etc.)
• Tablets (iPads, Android tablets, etc.)
• Other mobile devices (Kindles, iPod Touches, etc.)

(Note: Video game consoles and mobile devices should be registered here only if you cannot get them to connect to the network automatically.)

PC Support

IT Geeks offer all EKU students support with the following:

  • Basic software assistance
  • Basic hardware assistance that involves getting the device connected to campus wireless
  • Virus\Malware cleanup

IT Geeks

521 Lancaster Avenue
Keen Johnson Basement
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: 859-622-GEEK (4335)

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