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The People

We are student-focused. We offer a unique, challenging, and fun work experience that is unlike most student jobs on campus. Our staff includes students working in both entry-level and senior/lead roles. This means that students help make decisions and shape the organization and that your teammates and supervisors are often your peers.

We are fun. Our staff work alongside their friends and peers in a social environment. We plan team-building events throughout the year, including team dinners, movie nights, LAN parties, and more! Many of our staff stay in touch with the organization after graduation and build friendships that last far beyond college.

We are diverse. Our staff is from a variety of backgrounds. We highly value teamwork skills and the ability to communicate effectively. Our students are not all Computer Science and CIS majors — we also have staff majoring in Nursing, Physical Therapy, and more.

The Hours

Hours are flexible. We plan your work hours to fit around your class schedule. Some availability during regular business hours is required, but students are also able to work during the evening and on weekends. The typical hours worked during the semester is 12-20 hours each week, but we understand school comes first! We are highly supportive of students’ academic commitments and provide back-up and support during breaks and exams.

The Location

Our locations are located at the center of campus in the Crabbe Library!

The Work

We do some pretty cool stuff. Geeks serve over 3,000 residential and 12,000 non-residential students — including incoming freshmen, graduate students, and post-docs. As an employee, you will get to meet a lot of interesting people and will gain strong customer service and technical troubleshooting skills. We also have senior staff positions that perform many critical functions for the organization, including management of service and marketing of our services to customers. At IT Geeks, there’s bound to be a job that suits your interests and skills.

Room For Growth

We offer many opportunities for advancement. Our staff often move from entry-level to senior and lead positions. They are strongly encouraged to learn from each other continuously, both informally and through organized professional development activities. We offer leadership training for our lead positions and emphasize on-the-job learning that prepares our staff for high-level jobs after graduation.

IT Geeks

521 Lancaster Avenue
Keen Johnson Basement
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: 859-622-GEEK (4335)

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