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EKU Manchester Endowed Fund

EKU President David McFaddin speaks at a podium

EKU President David McFaddin

“As an institution, serving the people of Eastern Kentucky is the driving force behind our work,” said EKU President David McFaddin. “This scholarship fund will go directly to students pursuing higher education at our EKU Manchester Regional campus. It is our mission as the School of Opportunity to break down barriers to education—whether it be financial or geographical. The generous donors investing in this fund are helping make higher education even more accessible.”

Originating from the visionary aspirations of Clay County community leaders in the 1980s, the EKU Manchester Regional Campus was established in 2009, fulfilling the dream of providing local college education without necessitating students to relocate. The Manchester Campus Endowed Scholarship Fund furthers this vision, ensuring successive generations of students can experience the transformative power of higher education in Eastern Kentucky. Senate President Robert Stivers and Dr. Aaron Thompson have been instrumental in advancing this cause, recognizing the profound impact of education on the region’s prosperity and emphasizing the endowment’s role in fostering economic growth and community development. With over 7,000 students already enrolled, the EKU Manchester Regional Campus offers diverse academic programs tailored to regional needs and provides various scholarships and support initiatives to empower students in their academic pursuits.

Additionally, the fund offers various scholarships and support programs, including the EKU Manchester Endowed Foundation Scholarship, Manchester Retention Scholarship, and Manchester Student Success Fund, each designed to empower students and foster their academic success.

  1. EKU Manchester Endowed Foundation Scholarship

For an incoming freshman or returning students (in good academic standing), full-time, undergraduate student attending the Manchester Regional Campus.  Must enroll in a minimum of 15 credit hours per semester. Get additional details and apply.

  1. Manchester Retention Scholarship

Retention Grants help current and continuing full-time undergraduate EKU students in good standing remain in school and make progress toward graduation. Retention Grant awards are based on students’ need and primarily used to help pay down outstanding balances so students can register for classes. Get additional details and apply.

  1. Manchester Student Success Fund

The Manchester Regional Campus Student Success Fund assists Manchester Regional Campus students by providing emergency financial assistance for unanticipated and compelling circumstances that would otherwise prevent them from earning a degree or impact their ability to successfully continue to attend the Manchester Regional Campus. Get additional details and apply.

Make Contributions

To make a philanthropic contribution to the EKU Manchester Campus Endowed Scholarship Fund, visit the university’s secure portal.

Manchester Regional Campus

50 University Drive
Manchester BTC 041
Manchester, KY 40962
Phone: (606) 598-8122
Fax: (859) 622-6646


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