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EKU Graduate Creates Fitness App

EKU Class of 2011 graduate and entrepreneur; Yameen Thomas, is the co-founder of WholeBod Technologies. A Health and Wellness Technology Startup. He and his co-founder, Quincy Smith, a Software Engineer have made their vision of making healthier lifestyles affordable for all, a reality. A fitness app that uses digital currency earned by completing workouts to unlock and purchase Health, Fitness and Wellness goods, services, and experiences from local, online, and international brands. The Beta version will launch on January 1, 2021.

Many have become very selective on where they spend their dollar due to the current climate of the economy. “We built WholeBod to offer a simplified way for people to save time and money all while living a healthier lifestyle.” states Quincy.

“This is our way of doing a small part in the grand scheme of fighting against lifestyle related illnesses, and the overall health and well-being of Americans” Yameen and Quincy both states. “We know that working out can become redundant, so with a bit of gamification, new experiences and social engagement it can keep things interesting and fresh. Not to mention who doesn’t love to reward themselves for hard work or accomplishing a goal?”

“The impact of COVID-19 has crippled local businesses, the small business economy, wiped out savings and one of our motivating factors for creating WholeBod, aside from a unique fitness offering was to support local business economies.”  Says co-founder Yameen.

“Two of our goals with WholeBod is to disrupt the expensive costs and extensive time associated with living a healthier lifestyle for users of the app and decrease advertising expenses many companies face. We want to bring these businesses directly to our users in a unique and mutually beneficial offering. Being healthy is vital to living a full and vibrant life, and it should not cost an arm and a leg no matter the state of the economy. Without our health we have nothing” states Yameen.

The two did not have to look far for their first hire. EKU class of 2020 Graduate, William Sommersall has joined the pair as a Digital Marketing intern. “In my short time with the company they both have taught me so much about marketing and operating within business. What we are building for people will completely change how you approach fitness, I’m a firsthand witness” They are now actively seeking new interns for Marketing and Sales to support their go-to market campaign.

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Published on December 15, 2020

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