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Internships and Graduate Assistantships

Internship Experience

MS ESS students complete an appropriate curriculum, grounded in foundational exercise and sport science knowledge and foundational competencies with specialized knowledge and expertise in a selected discipline. Students have an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the curriculum, and demonstrate a broad understanding of the areas basic to exercise and sport science through the internship requirement (for all students who do not complete a thesis).

The intern is an emerging professional who in the future must guide the course of his or her own career. Consequently, a major portion of the responsibility for the success of the experience rests with the student and the supervising agency.

An image of a student from Eastern Kentucky University at an internship,

An internship is included in the program for several reasons. First, the internship serves as the final segment of the formal education process. This experience, following the required didactic courses, provides the finishing touches for the student entering the exercise and sport science fields. Second, entry into the field usually requires experience on the part of the applicant. The internship helps the student meet this experience requirement. Third, the internship often serves as a stepping stone to employment. At times the student is hired by the site with which the student interns. At other times, the student networks with professionals in the field and makes valuable contacts that sometimes lead to employment opportunities within the profession.

Graduate Assistantships

A limited number of merit-based graduate assistantships are available each year to selected incoming graduate students. Graduate Assistants serve the department in several ways including the teaching of physical activity courses in the general service program, faculty aids for research, laboratory and service learning projects, and to maintain the Exercise Physiology and Exercise and Sport Science Fitness Laboratories. Graduate assistants typically work 20 hours per week. Because assistantships are competitive and limited, early application is recommended.

Teaching and playing experience in any of the following physical activity course areas will increase your chances of being selected as a graduate assistant: Pilates, yoga, De-Stress 101: mindfulness, weight training, cardio and tone, jogging, ultimate Frisbee, walking for weight loss, cardio and weights. Furthermore, graduate students in the Master of Exercise and Sport Science degree program are given first priority for graduate assistantships.

The benefits for graduate assistants include a tuition remission of six semester hours of graduate credit plus a stipend of $11,200 for the academic year.

Criteria and how to apply:

  1. You must have applied for and been clearly admitted to a graduate degree program at EKU.
  2. You must maintain at least a 3.0 (B) overall graduate grade point average. If it is your first semester as a Graduate student, you will not have a graduate GPA.
  3. You must maintain full-time graduate enrollment while on an assistantship (minimum of 9 semester hours of graduate credit in fall and spring, 6 semester hours of graduate credit in summer).
  4. Complete the application for a graduate assistantship (see link below) and forward to Dr. Heather Adams, Graduate Coordinator, Department of Exercise and Sport Science, EKU, Moberly 231, 521 Lancaster Avenue, Richmond, KY, 40475.
  5. Submit application for a graduate assistantship (cover letter and resume) through the EKU Human Resources Online Employment System page. (Note: A background check is required of all graduate assistants).

Dr. Heather Adams

Graduate Coordinator; Professor

Dr. Heather R. Adams-BlairDepartment of Parks, Recreation, Exercise, and Sport Science
Eastern Kentucky University
Combs 201
521 Lancaster Avenue
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: 859-622-1898

Exercise and Sport Science

521 Lancaster Avenue
Combs 215A
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: 859-622-8149