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Photons for the Future!

If we could use all of the energy in sunlight that strikes the Earth’s surface in one hour, we could power the planet for an entire year!

Sunlight (composed of photons) is Earth’s most abundant energy source. We’re putting some of that energy to work here at EKU through Photons for the future!, our alumni-driven project to supply EKU’s energy needs with solar power.

For every 100 solar panels operating on campus, ~41,000 kWh are generated each year. That’s enough energy to do 6,500 loads of laundry (wash and dry) OR watch 2.5 million hours of television.

Twenty-five panels were installed in Fall 2017, and an additional 120 panels were installed in Fall 2018. Together, these panels save EKU nearly $3,000 annually (at 2017 costs), but the more panels installed, the more money saved!

To celebrate these savings, we award the Photon Fellowship to EKU students making significant contributions to environmental responsibility and sustainability. Learn how you can join us as we put even more photons to work!

Photon Fellows

Photon Fellows are EKU students past, present, and future who promote environmental responsibility and sustainability, broadly defined. We celebrate their contributions through scholarships proportional to the energy costs savings realized through EKU’s solar panel array.

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