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Transfer Course Equivalency

Already Existing

Transferring courses to EKU? We’ve got you covered! Our team is dedicated to helping you get maximum credits for your previous coursework! We’re constantly refreshing our database, making updates daily as we evaluate more courses for equivalencies.

Utilize the Transfer Equivalency System (TES) below to locate your institution and discover the equivalencies already established here at EKU.

Not Existing

Haven’t found your course listed in TES? No problem at all! If your courses haven’t been evaluated at EKU yet, we warmly invite you to submit them for review using this  simple form below. It’s an easy step to potentially unlock more credits towards your degree.

NOTE: If you’ve already been admitted to EKU, there’s no need to use this form—rest assured, we automatically review your courses and apply to your degree! You can find this information on your degree audit.  This ensures you’re set to start or continue your journey with us without delay.