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You’re Admitted! What’s Next?

If you’re an admitted transfer student, then you’ve submitted your application and provided any official transcripts and required materials to receive an admission decision. We let you know that a decision is waiting for you through an email to the address you used to submit the application. You can always check on your application progress by logging into your Application Portal. This is also where we post your admission decision.

  • Did you receive a decision you’d like to appeal? The transfer admissions appeal form is also available in your Application Portal.
  • Did your plans change? You can update your application details in your Application Portal. Use the Application Update form located on the checklist tab to request changes to your student type, campus, program, or term.

Activating Your EKU Resources

There is also important information available in your Application Portal that is necessary to begin accessing your EKU email, financial aid, course registration, and more. Obtain your EKU email address and your temporary password under Your Admission Information.

Your Admission Information

EKU ID 901#####
EKU Email
Temporary Password temppassword#!
EKU Major Computer Science – Bs
Application Term Spring 2023

Use this information to log-in to your EKU email: You will now be able to reset your password. Be careful to choose something memorable and secure. Two-factor authentication and password recovery tools are also available. The EKU IT Help Desk is available for technical support.

The Admitted Student Portal

The Admitted Student portal is accessible from your Application Portal by following the “Your Next Steps” button, or you can log directly into the portal.

The Admitted Student portal organizes many of your next steps. It connects to EKU’s student management system known as MyEKU. While you’re free to log directly into MyEKU, the Admitted Student Portal can make navigating the final pieces of enrollment much simpler for new students.

  • Add your photo for your Colonel Card
  • Review your registration checklist
  • Review personal information
  • Understand how your classes transferred and your remaining degree requirements through your EKU Degreeworks
  • Contact your advisor and register for classes once your registration window opens
  • See a summary of your Financial Aid Information and access your Financial Aid Dashboard.
  • Search for available Foundation Scholarships and check your eligibility
  • View a repository of resources and quick links
  • Access calendars that detail the academic timetable and other activities around campus

EKU Degree Plan/Academic Advising

Learn more about how your courses transferred to EKU and your remaining degree requirements through your EKU DegreeWorks.

This degree audit will show your transfer courses and how they are currently applying to your degree.

  • If no courses are appearing anywhere on the audit, your transfer work is still in the process of being recorded.
  • If your courses have appeared on the audit, but they are in the elective section with an EKU N100 equivalent, then they are currently being reviewed by EKU faculty associated with a matching discipline.

Your assigned academic advisor is also listed in your EKU DegreeWorks. Consulting with your advisor is needed before scheduling classes.

Schedule Your Classes

Transfer students may schedule classes when the following conditions have been met:

  • You’ve met with your assigned EKU academic advisor and received your RAC number
  • The registration window for your graduating class is open.

A thorough guide on navigating the EKU course registration system is available here.

*Note: Transfer students with fewer than 24 hours who enter the university in a fall term may benefit from attending a Summer Orientation. This is an opportunity to learn more about campus, meet with your academic programs, and schedule classes.

Get Your Colonel Card and Meal Plan

Your EKU student ID (Colonel Card) will support you during your time as a student. Not only is the Colonel Card a great way to access student discounts in the community, but it is also how you will access your flexible spending dollars and meals associated with your EKU meal plan.

Learn more about the Colonel Card and how to register for your meal plan by visiting the website.

Register Your Vehicle

Bringing a car to campus means that you will need a place to park! Learn more about EKU parking locations, parking pass fees, and campus shuttles by visiting the parking website.

Apply for Housing

Are you planning to live on campus? If so, apply for housing online. Please note that the housing application opens at specific times each year.

Some students are required to live on campus. All single, full-time, undergraduate students under the age of 21, having fewer than 60 hours, or less than four academic semesters living on campus are required to live in EKU residence hall facilities. An exception is made for students living with their parents in the parents’ primary residence within 50 miles of the Richmond campus. If you meet the exception, an additional form must be completed and returned to the Office Housing & Residence Life.

  • You must submit your Housing Application by visiting the Housing Portal. Please click the link above to access the portal.
  • Complete the roommate match questions included in the application. Please answer these questions honestly. You will have the opportunity to match or pull in a roommate at a later date.
    • Room Selection will begin in June for incoming Fall students. At that time you will have the opportunity to select your living space and pull in a roommate.
    • If you do not have a roommate in mind, you will have the opportunity to utilize matching software to match with an individual.
    • Room Selection dates and times are randomly assigned by Housing and Residence Life. After you apply for housing, keep an eye on your EKU email for information on when you can select your space.