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Important Dates

Registration Dates

Two important calendars play a role in your EKU registration. As an EKU student, you must receive a recommended schedule of courses from your academic advisor concerning your upcoming term. Most students receive this schedule in the weeks prior to their specific registration windows. These dates are outlined on the Advising and Registration Schedule. Referencing this schedule will help you be aware of when you can expect to make an appointment with your advisor and the earliest point at which you can make your schedule for the upcoming term.

The Add/Drop Calendar is another important set of dates concerning your enrollment. These dates govern the deadlines for modifying your schedule, allowing students to freely rearrange the schedule during the term’s add/drop period while also outlining the points in the semester when a student can only “withdraw” (not drop) from a course and may only be entitled to less than a full refund. Carefully review this calendar before making any changes to your schedule once the term has started.

Student Accounting Dates (Billing)

As a general rule, EKU students are billed by semester—with the primary billing due date resting at the end of the first month of the term. 

  • Fall Terms: On or about August 28th
  • Winter Terms: On or about December 28th
  • Spring Terms: On or about January 28th
  • Summer Terms: On or About May 28th

*Students enrolling in only a part of term course or who add courses at varying points throughout the term may experience different initial billing dates.

Students who are unable to pay the remaining balance by the initial billing date may enroll in a Payment Plan and make monthly installments on the remaining balance through the end of the term. Payment plan due dates are outlined on the Student Accounting Billing Schedule.

Financial Aid

A student may need to be aware of several deadlines relevant to their financial aid. However, most financial aid requirements should be completed as soon as possible.

Pell Enrollment Deadlines

Students who qualify for the Federal Pell Grant will have their enrollment reported at the end of the add/drop period for their enrolled term. This means that the funds awarded through the Pell grant will be proportionate to their total number of enrolled credit hours. Adding additional courses for the term after the add/drop period will not result in increased Pell grant funding. 

Last Day to Accept Aid by Term

The process of accepting federal student loans can take several weeks, and since loans can only apply to the current term, they must be accepted with sufficient processing time before the end of the academic term.

  • Fall Terms (including Winter): On or about November 1st
  • Spring Terms: On or about April 1st
  • Summer Terms: On or about July 1st

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals

Students who do not make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) will receive a hold on their financial aid, though they may have the opportunity to receive approval after successfully completing an appeal. The appeal process involves careful documentation of extenuating circumstances, which may be difficult to obtain depending on the requirements. Students submitting a SAP appeal are encouraged to complete the process as soon as possible.

Submission Deadlines by Term:

  • Fall Terms: October 15
  • Spring Terms: April 15
  • Summer Terms: July 15


EKU Scholarship opportunities have varying deadlines based upon the type of award. Additional information about scholarship deadlines by be found by visiting the Scholarships webpage.