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Federal Graduate PLUS Loans

Federal Graduate PLUS Loans are available for graduate or professional students who are enrolled at least half-time and have exhausted their Federal Unsubsidized loan eligibility. Students may borrow up to the cost of attendance minus any other financial aid the student will receive. The FAFSA is required. Grad PLUS loans are subject to a credit check.

Interest begins to accumulate on the date of the first loan disbursement. The repayment period begins on the date the loan is fully disbursed. Borrowers who have no outstanding PLUS Loan balance and who receive funds for the first time after July 1, 1994, will have a rate of interest not to exceed 9 percent on new Federal PLUS Loans. Find information about current interest rates and origination fees here.

Steps to Apply

In order to apply for the Federal Graduate PLUS loan you should complete the following steps:

Step 1: Complete Graduate PLUS Pre-approval Process

  1. You should log in on the Federal Student Aid website using the student’s FSA ID.
  2. Select ‘Apply for a Direct PLUS Loan.’
  3. Scroll down to ‘Direct PLUS Loan Application for Graduate/Professional Student’ and click ‘Start.’
  4. Select Aid Year:
    • 2022-2023 for Fall 2022/Spring 2023 and Summer 2023
    • 2023-2024 for Fall 2023/Spring 2024 and Summer 2024
  5. Provide the requested information and submit.

Step 2: Sign Graduate PLUS Master Promissory Note

  1. You should log in on the Federal Student Aid website using the student’s FSA ID.
  2. Select ‘Complete Loan Agreement (Master Promissory Note).’
  3. Scroll down to PLUS MPN for Graduate/Professional Students and click ‘START.’
  4. Provide requested information and submit.

Step 3: Complete Loan Entrance Counseling

Students must complete the Entrance Counseling requirement as a Graduate or Professional student before Direct Graduate PLUS loan funds can be originated.

  1. You should ‘Log In’ at Federal Student Aid website using the student’s FSA ID.
  2. Click on ‘Complete Loan Counseling (Entrance, Financial Awareness, Exit).’
  3. Next to ‘Entrance Counseling’ click on ‘Start.’
  4. Add EKU by searching for Kentucky, then Eastern Kentucky University.
  5. Click on ‘Notify This School.’
  6. Under Student Type select ‘I am completing entrance counseling to receive Direct Loans as a graduate or professional student’ and ‘Continue.’
  7. Read all information and answer questions.

PLUS Credit Counseling.

PLUS credit counseling is available on the Federal Student Aid website. PLUS credit counseling may be completed voluntarily at any time. PLUS credit counseling is REQUIRED if the U.S. Department of Education has informed you that you have an adverse credit history and

a. You have obtained an endorser.


b. You documented to the satisfaction of the U.S. Department of Education that there are extenuating circumstances related to your adverse credit history.