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Helpful Hints for Financial Aid

  • Apply Early. Completing your forms accurately and timely will insure full consideration for all aid programs available at Eastern Kentucky University. Starting the application process late could result in fewer options for financial assistance.
  • Do Not Leave Blanks. Never leave questions blank on any form you are required to complete. Blank questions will only delay your application’s processing.
  • Keep Copies. Retain photocopies of all forms and correspondence you submit with the dates they were mailed. Refer to them when calling or writing about your application.
  • Use Your Full Given Name. Complete all forms using your full given name. Do not use nicknames. Notify Big E Central of any name changes. Use your name as it appears on your Social Security card.
  • Sign All Documents. Sign your name legibly to prevent a delay in processing.
  • Use Your EKU ID Number. Entering your correct EKU ID number on all forms, especially parent or spouse tax returns, is very important. Be sure to review your EKU ID number for accuracy; transposed numbers or incorrect numbers will result in delays.
  • Read and Respond. Carefully read and follow all instructions provided. Respond quickly to all requests from our office. A slow response may result in the delay and cancellation of aid.
  • Stay Informed. You are applying for financial aid to help you attend EKU. Although you may need your parents’ help in completing your forms, the application forms are yours and you need to know what forms and information have been provided to whom and when.