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Types Of Financial Aid

Financial aid is assistance to help finance your college education. This assistance is awarded to allow you to attend the school of your choice and to make it possible for you to complete your program of study. Financial aid is intended to supplement, not replace, financial contributions from you and your parents.

Types of financial aid at Eastern Kentucky University include:


Grants are awarded based almost exclusively on financial need and typically do not have to be repaid. In order to apply for a federal or state grant, students must complete the FAFSA application. Students may access the FAFSA application online. Types of grants available include:


Student loan programs provide long-term, low-interest loans to students demonstrating a need for financial assistance. Loan funds are sent directly to EKU and are applied to the student’s account. Student loans are borrowed money that must be repaid. Types of loans available include:

Other loan information:

Work Study

The Student Employment Work-Study Program provides wages, in return for service, to assist you in achieving your goal of earning a college degree.

The work program at Eastern Kentucky University has three purposes:

  • It provides employment for those eligible, enabling you to earn a portion of your expenses while pursuing a college education.
  • It is a part of the educational process whereby you can acquire marketable skills.
  • It provides academically related work experience, which may have vocational value in post-college years.

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