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Center for Student Parents

Emphasizing the importance of education to the people of Kentucky!

As our society depends more and more on intellectual muscle, education will be the best way Kentuckians can stay ahead of the curve. By going back to school you have the opportunity to increase your earning potential. Statistics have shown that people with a college degree, on average, earn more than those with a high school degree. They also face a lower unemployment rate and better job opportunities. Mothers who earn a college degree often have children who follow in their footsteps and become college educated themselves. Education helps improve lives for many generations to come by breaking the cycle of poverty.

What is the Center for Student Parents?

A program designed to provide academic support, employment training, resource referral, and general counseling to K-TAP recipients, who are seeking post secondary education at Eastern Kentucky University.  

Who’s eligible?

To qualify you must be a recipient of Kentucky Transitional Assistant Program (K-TAP) and a full-time student at EKU.

Key Benefits:

Earn Money While in School Mentoring Training Workshops
Academic Advising Tutoring Positive Study Environment
Career Counseling Work Experience Peer Support Groups
Financial Aid Assistance Job Search Assistance Cultural Enrichment
Computer Lab Access Job Shadowing Placement Meets K-TAP Work Requirement
Michele Anderson

Michele Anderson

Coordinator - Center for Student Parents

EKU Corbin Regional Campus

1 Pennington Lane

Corbin, Kentucky 40701

(606) 528-0551

(859) 622-6705 (Direct Ext.)


“My goal is to help parents become successful in their academic pursuit.” – Michele Anderson

Corbin Regional Campus

One Pennington Way
Corbin BTC 041
Corbin, KY 40701
Phone: 606-528-0551 or 859-622-6640
Fax: 859-622-6625


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