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Elementary and Middle Grade Education

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The Clinical Apprenticeship for the Preparation of Teachers (CAPT) is a partnership between Eastern Kentucky University’s College of Education and Corbin Independent Schools to enhance the preparation of elementary and middle grade teachers.

The proposal for this grant was funded by the Council for Postsecondary Education in two phases. The middle grades’ was awarded in 2013 in the amount of $500,000, and the elementary grant was awarded in 2015 for $150,000. EKU’s proposal was originally one of three university- school system partnership proposals funded to further the implementation of Senate Bill 1 from 2009. Each partnership focused on developing clinical models that aim to improve P-12 student and teacher education candidate learning, facilitate the placement of teacher candidates in model P-12 settings, and provide professional development for pre-service and practicing teachers.

The Clinical Apprenticeship for Preparing Teachers (CAPT) initiative has enabled EKU and Corbin Independent Schools to intensively develop, implement, and refine a model for clinical teacher preparation that will become self-sustaining and serve as a model for the region and beyond. Corbin Independent Schools was chosen as the Clinical Site based on their emphasis on academic excellence. They are consistently one of the top school districts in the state of Kentucky.

In this model, EKU juniors and seniors preparing to become teachers join Eastern Kentucky University College of Education faculty and teachers at Corbin Intermediate (grades 5-6), Corbin Middle School (grades 7-8), and Corbin Elementary (3-4) in a three semester model. EKU students attend college classes within the schools and will observe instructional strategies being taught by university instructors and/or teachers, and then practice the techniques between themselves in the classroom and come back to their class to de-brief. EKU students take methods classes and also complete their student teaching within the district.

This model that we are using has many positives for EKU teacher candidates. Our candidates:

  • Spend 3 semesters in the schools taking college classes and working with excellent teachers in their classrooms.
  • Develop a strong feeling of ownership and investment in what goes on in the school. They become involved in after school events such as Museum Night and The Mysteries of Moore’s Branch.
  • Are treated as regular teachers during their placement. They are even added to the principal’s email distribution list to receive staff emails throughout the semester.
  • Plan and teach lessons in a real classroom. University supervisors and cooperating teaching give feedback after each lesson the candidates teach.
  • Receive exposure to parent and community relations.
  • Walk into their student teaching semester confidently ready to begin teaching lessons on the first day.
  • Receive 100+ hours per semester working with the cooperating teacher in the classroom.
  • Gain a clear picture of what a “day in the life of a teacher” looks like.

The feedback that Eastern Kentucky University ahs received to this model has been truly excellent! Our candidates have been readily hired by principals and have retained their positions over time. The principals like this program so much that they stay in contact with EKU staff inquiring each year about new graduates. They want to have first choice of our new teachers for their schools.

Eastern Kentucky University plans to continue this model with Corbin Schools after the grant ends. It is also the hope of the College of Education to expand this program and offer it in other locations. This will give these excellent opportunities to more of our EKU teacher candidates as we strive to produce the best teachers in the state.

Become a teacher now and complete the Elementary Education degree or substantial portions of Middle Grades Education degree at the Corbin Campus!

For additional information about Elementary Education and Middle Grade Education contact:

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