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Undergraduate Creative Writing

BA English | Creative Writing Path

How to Make Every Creative Writing Course Count

  1. Take ENG 306 Intro to Creative Writing (qualifies as a FREE ELECTIVE for English Majors)
  2. Choose at least two, and as many as five, courses from the following:
    *ENG 407 Advanced Poetry Workshop
    *ENG 408 Advanced Fiction Workshop
    *ENG 409 Creative Nonfiction Workshop
    *ENG 420 Stylistics, Editing, Publishing
    *ENG 503/04 Creative Writing Workshop/Mentorship.
    All five courses count towards the 18 cr. hrs. of ENGLISH ELECTIVES for English Majors.
  3. After completing at least 2 courses in step 2, take ENG 490 Creative Writing Capstone as one of your required CORE COURSES.
  4. Take all your other required courses along the way too, of course, and graduate prepared to enter a top MFA in Creative Writing program and with the skills to work in advertising, business, publishing, and many other fields where critical thinking, editing, and writing skills are important.

When Creative Writing Courses Are Offered

  • ENG 306 Introduction to Creative Writing (Pre-req for all other CW courses. Offered fall and spring.)
  • ENG 407 Advanced Poetry Workshop (Offered in spring)
  • ENG 408 Advanced Fiction Workshop (Offered in spring)
  • ENG 409 Creative Nonfiction Workshop (Offered in fall)
  • ENG 420 Stylistics, Editing, and Publishing (Aurora Online Magazine. Offered in spring)
  • ENG 490 Creative Writing Capstone (Offered in fall)
  • ENG 503/504 Summer Creative Writing Conference/Mentorship (8-day residency offered in summer)

Where to Find Us*

Facebook: Creative Writing at EKU

Instagram: @bgwritersstudio

Twitter: @BGWritersStudio

*At least twice a semester, you can also find faculty and students enjoying good food and good literature at the Pages & Pints Reading Series, downtown at Apollo Pizza (228 S Second St)

How EKU Alumni Have Fared

Since 2008, students taking a creative writing path have been accepted into reputable MFA in creative writing programs across the country—many receiving partial or full funding—including:

  • California Institute of the Arts
  • Columbia University
  • EKU / Bluegrass Writers Studio
  • Eastern Washington University
  • Emerson College
  • New York University
  • Pacific University
  • Stony Brook University
  • The New School
  • University of Kentucky     
  • University of Mississippi
  • Warren Wilson College
  • West Virginia University

Who to Contact with Questions

Contact Robert Dean Johnson, Program Director (Mattox 302): | 859-622-6263

Bluegrass Writers Studio

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Richmond, KY, 40475-3102
Phone: 859-622-6263
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