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EMC 9 Minor in EMC

Minor in EMC

The Minor in Emergency Medical Care is not available to B.Sc. Emergency Medical Care majors. It can only be pursued by students who have declared majors other than Emergency Medical Care.

A student may minor in Emergency Medical Care by completing, with a grade of “C” or better, a total of 18 semester hours as listed below. The credit hours of each course are listed in parentheses.  

Requirements- 9 hours consisting of the following courses:

EMC 104(1), EMC 110 and 110L(2), EMC 300(3).

Electives- 9 hours from the following options:

EMC 105(1), 115(2), 303(3), 305(3), 400(3), 320(3), 430(3), 440(3), 480(3), 489(3)

Total Curriculum Requirements- 18 hours

Find descriptions of each of these courses.

Emergency Medical Care

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