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M.A. in English

Our program offers students an opportunity both to explore various areas within English studies and to focus on one particular area of emphasis. The Master of Arts program requires 30 hours of graduate credit in English, including thesis and non-thesis options.

All Students

  • take core courses in composition theory, literary theory, and research methods
  • complete at least nine hours of coursework in an area of emphasis
  • take at least one literature course and one course in Language Studies/ESL
  • write a thesis or a shorter faculty-mentored research paper by the end of their studies
  • must pass a comprehensive examination at the end of their studies

Our dedicated faculty members work with students in the classroom and individually to help them achieve their goals. Our students are encouraged to explore and develop their knowledge of a wide range of topics and to participate actively in professional growth and development opportunities.


  • Upon graduation, students will be able to discuss the core concepts and the primary and secondary texts which comprise the field of study defined by their elective coursework and comprehensive examination reading list.
  • Upon graduation, students will be able to apply a variety of theoretical models in reading and pedagogical practices and articulate their own position derived from (or situated among) these various models.
  • Upon graduation, students will be able to generate written texts which embody the formal and scholarly expectations of the discipline.

For questions about the MFA in Creative Writing, please contact Dr. Young Smith by phone: 859-622-3093


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