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African and African American (AFA) Studies

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AFA Studies

AFA Studies

AFA Studies

African and African American Studies (AFA) at Eastern Kentucky University offers students the opportunity to engage with the histories, stories, and experiences of Africans and peoples of African descent around the world. These often-overlooked narratives can help us make sense of a globalized world, present-day socio-political issues in the US, and our own identities.

EKU currently offers an AFA minor or certificate from a multi-disciplinary range of classes offered by faculty members from diverse academic fields and backgrounds. AFA is committed to encouraging student research and community involvement beyond the classroom.


  • AFA offers fundamental knowledge about the unique contributions of Africana peoples to human civilizations from the ancient period to the present.
  • AFA offers diversity studies and employable skills that prepare students to thrive in a world or workplace that increasingly recognizes the importance of multiculturalism, inclusiveness, and diversity.
  • AFA offers skills in interdisciplinary methods and approaches that enhance students’ critical thinking, writing, and speaking skills, tools they will need to excel in their lives and careers.
  • AFA offers global and comparative perspectives that compare the experiences, lives, ideas, movements of Africana peoples in every part of the world to other groups.
  • AFA offers training in race, gender, class, and social justice that complements students’ degrees and prepares them for careers in Education, Social Work, Law, Community Organization, Politics, Business, Counseling, Recreation, Management, Urban and Regional Planning, Media, Government, Law Enforcement, Marketing, Immigration, Administration.

How to Declare a Minor/Certificate:

You need to use the new electronic Major Change form found on the Registrar’s website. Form 105 has been included in the new form.  You will begin the process by going to Change of Major Custom Login ( Under forms they will choose “Change Major”. The form will populate with the student’s information. You will then complete any changes you wish and then submit the form electronically. If you have any questions, please email Dr. Ogechi Anyanwu or call 859-622-1375.

African and African American Studies

History, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Beckham Building 328
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Phone: 859-622-1375

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