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Psychology 5 Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Psychology offers two undergraduate programs:  The Psychology, B.S. with concentrations in General Psychology; Substance Abuse; Developmental Disabilities/Autism Spectrum Disorders; Forensic Psychology; Child and Family Psychology; Psychology of the Workplace, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, and Psychiatric Rehabilitation, and an Animal Studies, B.S.

Why Psychology? | Why Animal Studies?


A Psychology Degree Prepares You for Many Career Opportunities

  • 43% of Recent Graduates are Working in the Mental Health Field – Social Service Case Manager; Victim Advocate; Substance-Abuse Counselor
  • 15% of Recent Graduates Work in Business of Human Resources – Business Manager; Human Resource Specialist; Trainer
  • Other Popular Jobs for Psychology Majors: Research, Marketing, Advertising, Education – Marketing Director; Research Assistant; Advertising Specialist; Teacher

A Psychology Degree Prepares You for Graduate and Professional Schools

  • The Psychology Degree Prepares Students for Popular Master’s Degree Programs at EKU: – Clinical Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, General Psychology
  • The Psychology Degree Prepares Students for a Variety of Professional Degree Programs: – Law, Medicine, Optometry, Dentistry, Physical Therapy
  • The Psychology Degree Prepares Students for Doctoral Programs in Psychology: – Clinical, Counseling, Social, Experimental, Developmental, Human Factors, I/O, School

A Psychology Degree Includes 31 hours of Free Electives

  • The Psychology Program is Flexible: Pursue Second Major/Minor, or Specialized Interests; Study Abroad

Check out the Undergraduate Psychology Major Handbook

Study in an Outstanding Environment

  • 22 Full-Time Faculty. All faculty hold Doctoral Degrees and are Committed to Student Success – 2 EKU Foundation Professors; Awards for Excellence in Teaching
  • Excellent Facilities – State-of-the-Art Classrooms and Instructional Technology; Student Computer Lab and Work Areas – Small Classes; Personal Attention

Hands-On Learning and Research Opportunities

  • Co-op Program, Research Practicum, Clinical Practicum: Explore Career Paths; Earn Money and College Credit for Work Experiences

Study in an Outstanding Environment

  • 22 Full-Time Faculty – All faculty hold Doctoral Degrees and are Committed to Student Success
  • Department is Nationally Recognized for Providing Student Research Opportunities – Collaborate with Faculty; Develop Your Own Research Ideas – Present Research at Conferences 

Why Animal Studies at EKU?

What is Animal Studies?
Animal Studies (ANS) is an interdisciplinary major that concentrates on nonhuman animals, their interactions and relationships with people, and the mutual influences humans and nonhuman animals have on each other’s existence, evolution, and history.  Students in Animal Studies receive training in sciences, humanities, and applied fields.  Within their cross-disciplinary training, students will choose to emphasize at least one of these areas of study. Graduates of the program will gain  knowledge of and be able to evaluate ideas about nonhuman animals, humans, and their mutual influences informatively from diverse perspectives. Upon completion  of the ANS degree, graduates will be able to:

  • analyze contexts and events concerning animals knowledgeably and from diverse points of view;
  • elucidate the motives and consequences for diverse human-animal interactions;
  • evaluate the impacts of human uses of and attitudes toward animals on individuals and communities, and on evolution and history;
  • integrate cross-disciplinary ideas into an awareness of divergent perspectives on animals and humans; and
  • use skills and expertise in understanding animals and humans to obtain employment.

Opportunities for Animal Studies Students at EKU

Get to know the faculty.

  • Work with faculty mentors to pursue specialized topics.
  • Faculty have an open-door policy and welcome the opportunity to talk with students. Feel free to discuss issues with any member of the faculty.
  • Develop a good working relationship with your advisor, who can help you choose classes and make important career decisions. Gain real world work experience,  learn new skills, enhance your resume, make important contacts, and enhance your graduate school application.
  • Enroll in PSY 349 (Co-op).  Gain research experience.
  • Collaborate with faculty on research projects (informally or by registering for ANS401 and/or PSY402).
  • Present your work at professional conferences.
  • Co-author publications with faculty.

Become involved in the Animal Studies community beyond the classroom.

  • Join the Animal Studies Club.
  • Attend lectures.
  • Participate in professional development activities. The Psychology Department financially assists students who travel to professional conferences.

Learn how to make important decisions about your future

  • Discuss your future with your advisor and other faculty members. Take advantage of your advisor’s expertise and experience.
  • Explore different career directions by enrolling in co-op (PSY 349). Take advantage of opportunities afforded by a flexible curriculum to pursue a second major or minor.

Receive financial support and recognition for your accomplishments

  • Apply for student research support money

Psychology Department

521 Lancaster Avenue
127 Cammack Building
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: 859-622-1105

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