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Summer 9 Academic Opportunities

Academic Opportunities

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Summer academic programs and opportunities at EKU extend beyond just coursework. You can also use summer at EKU to conduct undergraduate research or take advantage of a co-op or internship. There may also be opportunities for student employment

Center for Career and Co-Op

Want to add a little oomph to your resume? Attaining a minor or certificate can make you more attractive to potential employers. Summer at EKU is a great time to take those extra courses. Alternately, summer is an ideal time to complete some of your regular or core coursework, giving you more time for co-ops and internships during fall and spring. 

Undergraduate Research

There are plenty of research opportunities available at EKU in the summer. Take courses that will:

  1. Enhance your research background,
  2. Develop new skills in your field of study, or
  3. Enhance your academic profile.

Summer at EKU is a great time to get ahead, catch up or complete a tough class that requires all your focus. By completing courses in summer, you’ll have more time to balance your studies and research during fall and spring. 

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