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Summer 9 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and Course Information

Q: When can I register?

A: Registration for Summer 2024 courses begins on October 25, 2023. Register through your myEKU student portal.

Q: Where can I find important summer-related dates and calendar information?

A: You can find information about summer dates and calendar information here. Please email us at with any questions.

Q: Do I need to speak with my academic advisor before registering?

A: Undergraduate students will use the Registration Access Code (RAC or PIN) number provided for spring term registration.  Undergraduate and graduate students can register immediately for summer session. However, you are encouraged to talk to your advisor about Summer 2024 if you have any questions at all about how to use summer courses to advance your education. Summer advising takes place on a rolling basis. That is, you can always discuss potential summer courses with your advisor. However, summer advising in the fall semester usually begins on the first Monday of October (2023) and in the spring (2024) the first Monday of March.

Q: What is the maximum number of hours I can take in summer?

A: A student may take up to 12 credit hours during summer session. Permission to enroll in more than 12 credit hours must be granted by the dean of the college of the student’s first major. The absolute maximum is 15 hours.

Q: What if the class I want to take is full?

A: Complete a capacity override request. If a small number of students need admittance to the class past capacity, accommodations can be made based on circumstances. If a large number of students need admittance, the University may open another class. Each of EKU’s six colleges offers its own override request form — they can be found on the college’s website.

Q: What if a class I need isn’t available?

A: While you can choose from classes in more than 100 subjects this summer, class selection is more limited in summer than spring and fall. After reviewing the schedule of summer courses, you can complete the Summer Session Course Request and let us know what class you need. We will see what’s available and contact you, and it will let us know if there is enough interest to justify offering the class in the summer. We recommend browsing the course list and working with your advisor to see if rearranging your schedule could help. By moving one of your fall courses to summer, you could make room to take the missing summer course in fall.

Q: What if I attend another college or university?

A: We’re happy to host visiting students during summer or any time of the year to earn credits for transfer back to their home institution. Ready to put this summer to good use? See our visiting student page.

Financial Aid and Billing

Q: How much does it cost to take a Summer Session course?

A: Please see the EKU Summer Tuition schedule for more information.  

Q: Can I use my Pell grant this summer?

A: Yes! The U.S. government has restored Summer Pell Grant awards. If students are enrolled full-time in spring and fall, they can receive up to a full-time Pell award during the summer semester, as well. This requires taking at least six credit hours during the summer semester. Keep in mind that the Federal Pell Grant is limited to 12 full-time semesters of awards. Once students reach that limit, they can no longer receive the Pell Grant, so they should carefully make sure all courses they take apply toward graduation.

Q: Can I use KEES money for Summer session costs?

A: Unfortunately, no. Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) money can only be used for Fall and Spring expenses.  

Q: Are scholarships available for summer?

A: A limited number of microscholarships are available to offset costs for summer term courses. Applications for microscolarship consideration are due April 15th. Please visit the EKU Summer microscholarship page for more information.

Q: Who can apply for a microscholarship?

A: Any EKU student is eligible to apply for an EKU Summer Microscholarship, regardless of class level (graduate/undergraduate). Applicants do not need to be registered for summer classes to apply for scholarships. The application deadline is April 15th. At that point, the Microscholarship Selection Committee will review the applications. All applicants will be notified by April 26th, whether they were selected as recipients or not. Recipients that have not registered, would need to do so by May 6th in order to retain their microscholarship. Microscholarships will will be applied to recipients’ account the first day of summer classes.

Q: Do I have to be registered for a summer class to apply for an EKU Summer Microscholarship?

A: No, you do not have to be enrolled in summer courses to submit a scholarship application. If you are awarded a scholarship, you would need to register by May 5th to keep the scholarship. 

Q: Can I work on-campus during summer session?

A: There are many opportunities for students to obtain summer employment. For more information, please visit Student Employment for more information.

Housing, Dining, and Parking

Q: Where will on-campus students live?

A: Summer housing will be available from May 21-August 11 and will be in McGregor Hall. For more information on summer housing, please visit the EKU Summer Housing website, email them at, or call (859) 622-1515.

Q: What do I need to know about parking in summer?

A: There is no charge to park at EKU during summer. New and visiting students will need to obtain a parking permit, but it’s free. Registered students can park in any student lot regardless of permit permission during summer session (i.e. commuter students may park in residential lots and residents can park in commuter lots). Lots WILL be patrolled this summer so be sure to obtain a permit. For more parking and summer bus schedules, visit the Student Parking FAQ

Q: What food options are available during Summer session?

A: More information coming soon.

Q: Are meal plans available during summer session?

A: Meal plans are not offered during summer session because the Case Kitchen location is not open on a consistent basis.


Q: Will the EKU BookSmart program be available for Summer Session?

A: Yes. The BookSmart program will provide free text books to students during Summer term. For more information, please visit the EKU Book Smart site.

Q: Where can I pick up my BookSmart books?

A: Students may pick up their books at the EKU Bookstore (located in the lower level of the Powell Building) or opt to have their textbooks mailed to them. For more information, please visit the EKU BookSmart site.

Other important BookSmart dates/info:

  • April 22: Summer Student Selection email will be emailed. Students will be asked to confirm their course materials.

  • April 24: EKU Bookstore will begin processing summer BookSmart orders. Students will receive an email with a barcode when their order is ready for pick-up. 

Students will receive an email notifying them when their textbook order is ready for pick up or will ship. Please visit the EKU BookSmart site for more details and information.

Other Questions

Q: Will tutoring be available in summer?

A: Yes, tutoring is available. Please review hours and availability on each center’s site. Learn more about the centers.

Q: What food, clothing, community, or other assistance is available during EKU Summer Session?

A: The Colonels Cupboard assists students who may be experiencing food insecurities. They also offer toiletry items and clothing through the Closet Transform program. Please visit the Colonels Cupboard website for more detailed information.

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