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Parking & Transportation 5 Student Parking FAQ

Student Parking FAQ

Q: Do I need a physical permit?

A: No. Our permits are all virtual. Your license plate serves as your permit. Be sure to enter your license plate into your parking portal correctly, including two small letters at the end if applicable. To obtain permission to park be sure to click “Get Permits” on your parking portal.

Q: What types of parking permits are available for students?

A: Commuting students receive a Brown Zone C permit and must park in the Zone C lots. Residence Hall students receive a Blue Zone R permit and must park in the Zone R lots. All parking permits cost $165 (or $105 for Veterans and those with EKU plates) and are valid for the academic year. Register for a student parking permit.


Q: Which lots offer accessible parking?

A: Accessible parking is identified on the Parking Map and includes the number of available spaces. Obtain more information and details on accessible parking permits.

Q: Will I need my car to get around?

A: With a number of on-campus dining options and activities, we hope you will settle in and enjoy all that EKU has to offer. Most if not all campus areas are within a 20-minute walk from anywhere on campus. Traveling by foot is often the easiest and most convenient way to get around the Campus Beautiful. If walking is not practical, the new and expanded Big E Transit service offers multiple bus routes to both on and off-campus locations. A number of students find they only use their vehicles when they plan a visit home or weekend trip.

Q: How often do Big E Transit buses run?

A: Big E Transit offers five (5) bus routes to meet the needs of the campus community. There is also a Sunday route from noon until 6 p.m. that includes stops at the Richmond Centre and Wal-Mart and Vickers zone Z parking lot.

Q: Does Big E Transit provide transportation off campus?

A: Big E Transit includes Sunday routes to popular off-campus shopping areas.

Q: Is it safe to walk to these lots at night?

A: Your safety is a priority at EKU and parking lots are designed to have proper lighting and close access to emergency phones if needed. If you are walking after dark, you are encouraged to be with a friend or in a group for additional safety. If you park alone during evening hours, consider requesting a public safety escort by calling EKU Police Dispatch at 859-622-1111. EKU Police is available 24/7 and can send a uniformed escort to walk with you to your destination.

Another great safety measure is using the EKU S.A.F.E app available free of charge to all students. Download the app to your phone and you can also use it to contact police in an emergency, request a safety escort or activate the WalkSafe feature that allows someone, at your request, to virtually follow your path to your destination. If you appear to be in distress or speeding up rapidly, the app lets anyone monitoring your walk contact police to tell them you could be in danger.

Learn more about EKU S.A.F.E. features and learn how to download the app.

Q: Are there loading/unloading zones available?

A: If you are carrying items to or from a residence hall or building, you will find a number of designated loading/unloading or short-term parking spaces in most areas. Please only use designated spaces and observe all time limits posted.

Q: Is there less parking with the ongoing campus construction projects?

EKU’s Campus Revitalization is underway to bring exciting new housing and facilities to campus and this has required adjustments to existing parking areas. To address parking needs, we have created a number of new lots and/or rezoned existing parking lots. View an up-to-date parking map.

We ask for your patience as parking areas are subject to change, and you are reminded to always check the posted lot designation and permit regulations before parking in any lot. In many cases, planning ahead and providing ample time to get to your destination will help you find the best parking and transportation options.

Q: How can I get answers to additional questions?

The EKU Parking and Transportation Office is here to help. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact EKU Parking by phone at (859) 622-PARK (7275), by email, by using our web-based contact form, or by stopping in our offices on the second floor of Commonwealth Hall during normal business hours.

Parking and Transportation Services

521 Lancaster Avenue
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