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Parking & Transportation 5 Citations, Penalties, and Appeals

Citations, Penalties, and Appeals

Citations and Penalties

All tickets can be paid on your parking portal for the first 15 days. After 15 days they will be transferred to the Student Accounting office, located in Whitlock room 210.

The following monetary penalties are levied for the specific violations listed below:

  • Non-Registration of Vehicle: $25.00*
  • Parked out of zone: $25.00*
  • Registration Violations: $25.00*
  • Parked on grass or sidewalks: $35.00*
  • Parked in violation of safety regulation: $75.00*
  • Parked in reserved space: $100.00*
  • Parked in fire lane: $100.00*
  • Parked in handicap space: $100.00*
  • Improper Parking: $25.00*
  • Visitor/loading reserved space: $25.00*
  • Failure to Pay: $25.00*
  • Warning Only (no payment necessary)

*Tow or Boot charge is additional if incurred. 

University employees and students with outstanding parking fines may not be eligible to register or receive subsequent parking permits until the delinquent fines are paid.

University employees and students who receive five or more citations in an academic year may be subject to University sanctions.

Visitors or guests are expected to conform to University parking regulations to avoid citations and the possibility of being towed.



Any person charged with a violation of Eastern Kentucky University parking regulations must either register an appeal within 7 calendar days of the date of the violation or pay the penalty. These 7 days begin on the date of the violation. Verbal appeals must be scheduled with the Parking Office within 7 days of the issuance of the first appeal decision.

The Parking Appeals Committee adjudicates all parking appeals. The Parking Appeals Committee is composed of members of the Student Court, a branch of the Student Government Association and University employees. The employee members of the Parking Appeals Committee are appointed each year by the University President.

Employees of Parking and Transportation Services serve as ex officio members of the Parking Appeals Committee and do not have a vote in the decision. Citations may be appealed online.

Parking and Transportation Services

521 Lancaster Avenue
Commonwealth Hall, Room 212
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: 859-622-PARK (7275)


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