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Aviation 5 Aircraft and Simulators

Aircraft and Simulators

Eastern Kentucky University is proud to host a robust fleet of training aircraft which has seen considerable growth in recent years. The fleet includes both single and multi-engine aircraft, all of which are based at the Central Kentucky Regional Airport.

Single Engine Aircraft

Cessna 172-P 8
Cessna 172-N 2
Cessna 172-M 1
Cessna 172-R 9
Cessna 172-S 5
Cessna 172-S (G1000) 2
Cessna 172-RG 2
Total 29

Multi-engine Aircrafts

Piper Seminole 3
Total 3

Flight Simulators

Schedule time with the Alsim MC200 Flight Simulator – capable of up to 15 different aircraft types as well as a small jet or the Professional Flight Controls DCX MAX with glass cockpit capability. Located in the Whalin Complex, the simulators, which are an actual model of an airplane cockpit, replicates different types of airplanes allowing students to gain flight hours and get comfortable with flying before leaving the ground. Get your Instrument Recurrency or brush up for your Instrument Proficient Check (IPC).


521 Lancaster Avenue
Whalin 307
Richmond, KY 40475
Phone: 859-622-1014

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